Why Does A Family Need Love?

Some families are big. Some families are small. Some are extreme in their size, both big and small. What ties a family together depends on the family and what defines the family.

Is blood thicker than water?

Many families are tied together by “blood” meaning genetics. In some families this means if you are not related by blood, you are not family. Other families use this definition loosely, accepting members based on family acceptance. Most families fall in the middle accepting new members by marriage and adoption.

What creates a family?

Some families are created not out of genetics but a shared experience or shared interest. Genetics and blood relations has little to do with that type of family. There may be related people in the family or there may not. What matters in this type of family is that there is a connection of some sort. Often this connection is or becomes one of love.

How important is love?

The families that do not accept others typically avoid love. They may not love themselves but they certainly do not love others. The families that are based on acceptance are full of love. The way someone becomes part of the family is love. Even if the word itself is not uttered it is mutual acceptance based on love. This makes a beautiful, loving family.

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Why is love so important?

Love is a multifaceted emotion. There are many benefits for members of a family based on love. Rather than guided by greed or selfishness the family based on love does things based on that emotion, even if the word is seldom said.

What makes family love good?

When family members love each other, they try to help each other, they respect each other. There may be times when family members fight, there may be members who do not get along. But when there is love in the family, there is respect and trust as well. This enables them to not get along yet still love each other within the family network. It also means that in a time of need the family will come together for greater good despite any underlying currents between members.

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What if there is no love?

If you are in a family where love, you may feel alone even when with family. Respect is often replaced by control. Trust may be replaced by fear. In families like this, some members feel the need to escape, some repeat the cycle. Love is missing and love is something that can make the family better.

How can I create love?

It is hard to create love in others. The only person who can change is you. Be an example of love. Let people know this is what you accept and expect. When your love starts to thin, give yourself a break until love returns. Your break may be short or long, but distance yourself until your love returns. The more you show love and expect love the more you will find.


Source by MJ Schrader