Why Elections Have Consequences?: 7 Examples

How often, have we heard, someone state, it doesn’t matter who he votes for, nor, who we elect to public office, because, they’re all the same, anyway? Although, there have been many instances of elected officials, who failed to honorably, keep their bond, which was supposed to be, to serve and represent their constituents, rather than their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest, even many of those, who always made this statement, realized, after the Presidential election of 2016, elections have consequences! Does anyone, really, believe, Donald Trump, has conducted himself, in any manner, like his competitor, would have, not only in terms of his demeanor, rhetoric/ vitriol, etc, but in terms of his priorities, actions, etc? With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 7 examples, of this reality, and its significance.

1. SCOTUS – Supreme Court: Already, we have witnessed, how politics impacts Supreme Court, and other, Federal court appointments. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has pushed – through, a record – number of lower court appointments, several of which, the Bar Association, evaluated, and considered, unqualified. In 2016, McConnell refused to bring President Obama’s choice to fill a vacant Supreme Court seat, stating he would not do so, in the last year of a President’s term of office. After the sad passing, of Justice Ruth Ginsburg, many of these, same, Republican Senators, are pushing to ratify Trump’s upcoming choice, for this position, despite the fact, it is so close to the election. Did someone use the word, hypocrites? Many issues, such as those, regarding the election, itself, voting rights, civil rights, immigration, the Balance of Powers, a woman’s right, to choose, etc, are, potentially, at – risk, with our established policies, and may be determined by this Court!

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2. Immediate/ short – term policies: Trump’s many attempts to implement his personal priorities/ agenda, by using Executive Orders, especially, related to eliminating/ reducing environmental regulations, and denying Climate Change, and the questionable way, he handled the pandemic, as well as his approach, to foreign relations, clearly demonstrate, it does matter, who we elect!

3. Longer – term impacts: Of course, his court appointments have long – term ramifications, but, his attack of environmental protections, denying Climate Change, and, his economic policies, also, are significant! Again, it is doubtful, many others, would behave, or proceed, as he has!

4. Priorities: What a President’s priorities are, generally, dictate, how he proceeds, and where he places his emphasis! Rather than seeming to have any positive priorities, Trump’s deciding – factor, often, seems to be, to attack, anything associated, with his predecessor!

5. Human, civil, womens, and LGBT rights: For nearly four years, we’ve observed an attack on many of the rights, we’ve taken for granted! We have never witnessed, in recent memory, any President, who, had Trump’s attitude, toward immigrants, certain ethnicities, civil rights, gay – rights, and a woman’s right – to – choose, etc! How pervasive is this, especially, when you consider, how fervent his core supporters, seem to be, and how, his behavior, and rhetoric/ vitriol, seems to have enabled them?

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6. Environment and climate: This President has probably, destroyed, much of the progress, in the environmental protection, and climate change, areas, which took decades to achieve! How many decades have we lost, and can the nation, and the planet, afford this behavior, which seems, to either, not care, or denies, the sustainable changes, and necessities?

7. Public Health: Rather than letting the health, and science, experts, lead – the- way, when it comes to policy, regarding public health matters, such as policy to address this horrific pandemic, President Trump claims he is a stable genius, and knows better, than the experts. Since, the United States’ population is roughly 5% of the world’s, an average performance, would mean, we’d have a similar percentage of cases, and fatalities. Rather, we have roughly, 20%, of these metrics, and we should be concerned! Experience, expertise, judgment, character, and how one decides, does make a significant difference!

Wake up, America, and make your vote count/ matter, by determining, which candidate, is, best – suited, for the position, rather than, one’s celebrity, entertainment value, rhetoric/ promises, etc! Will you try to become a more responsible voter?

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by Richard Brody