Why the Big Muscle Look is Dead in Hollywood

The Leading Man in Hollywood is Now Slim and Toned, Not Bulky!

Remember back in the 80’s when Arnold Schwarzenegger was the big action star? He was huge. He basically brought bodybuilding to the mainstream and influenced an entire generation of young guys to want to get as big and muscular as possible. It started with Conan, then the Terminator, Commando, Predator, Twins, and many more action flicks.

The Big Muscle Look Began to Die in the Late 90’s.

You see, although many guys wanted to get as big as possible, women had a different idea of what looked great. They wanted their men to look good in dress clothes as well as with their shirts off. Women are physically attracted to the “GQ” look or lean and slim toned guys, not massive freaky muscular guys. If you ever have seen a soap opera, you will notice that all of the men have average amounts of muscle but with exceptional muscle tone.

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1999, the Year Fight Club Came Out, Was The Official Death of the Massive Look

For years during the big muscle era, women kept trying to tell guys that they were more interested in muscle definition and not into the bodybuilder look. Guys didn’t really listen until 1999, when Fight Club came out. Brad Pitt finally showed the masses of guys out there that being ultra-lean with a normal build is more bad-ass looking than being huge and bulky. Brad’s character, Tyler Durden, was able to get a “hip” funky look, but had amazing muscle definition when he took his shirt off. This is a winning combination with the ladies and all actors are striving for this look.

Since the late 90’s, Many Hollywood Actors Have Begun to Slim Down

Remember how big The Rock used to be? He is now MUCH lighter and looks great. What about Mark Wahlberg or Ryan Reynolds? Both of these guys have really slimmed down and have the sleek and toned look instead of being bulky. Same with Matt Damon. More recently Will Smith really slimmed down for his role in “I am Legend”. He had to get big and bulky for “Ali”, but dropped a lot of that mass and really cleaned up his physique for his newest role.

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Are You “Still” Trying to Get Massive?

Being big and massive is a great way to impress guys in the gym, but won’t get you far with women. There is simply a “cheesiness” factor once you get too big. You can’t really achieve a hip look and clothes don’t fit well. Ever see a professional football player or professional wrestler in a suit? They look stupid. If you want to be more attractive to the opposite sex, then you may reconsider your goal of getting big muscles. Opt for the lean athletic look instead.


by Rusty Moore