Xbox 360 4GB VS 250GB Compared

If you are planning to buy one of the Xbox 360 slim console and cannot decide between the 4GB and the 250GB version this review is for you. I highlight in this article the differences between the two version of the consoles and what you should put into consideration when comparing 4GB vs 250GB.

Size: This is the main difference between 4GB and 250GB versions of the systems. The 250GB console allows you more space to download and save contents than the 4GB console, you can however add two 16GB external hard drives to the box (external drives must be FAT32 formatted).

Because of the size limitation of the 4GB console you are likely to face the following problems:

1. You cannot install video games that requires more than one discs to play because of the 4GB limitation.

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2. Downloading DLC content overtime would become impossible (DLC contents are Xbox live contents that can be downloaded like Game demos, full video games and are usually large in size).

3. Playing games from disc are prone to scratches which overtime eventually causes them freeze.

4. You might also have problem storing your media files with time.

5. Regular updates released by Microsoft to patch the box will reduce the amount of hard drive space available for use.

Design: If you are more particular about the design of the box then the slim 250GB built-in hard drive has a smooth shinny, black finish on the other hand the 4GB version is a matte black case. Perfectionist would most likely opt for the matte black case finishing because of the ease with which the 250GB version can be smeared with dirt.

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Both of these systems have built-in Wifi and are Kinect ready. You will still be able to stream video, music, play Xbox 360 games without installing to the disk.


When comparing 4GB vs 250GB, buying 4GB version of the console will be a nice idea if you are a casual user of Xbox live. Downloading DLC contents or installing games to your hard drive will be a problem. Apart from these there is not much difference between the 4GB and 250GB version of the consoles. You can compare 4GB and 250GB Kinect bundle prices here


by Stevo King