5 Aspects of Love

It may be said that ‘love is a many splendor thing’ and while there is some truth in it, love requires time and effort to come to that level of enjoyment.

It is easy to fall in love but it is hard to keep the love alive in the relationship, much less to grow it over the years. Many divorces come about because the couples gave up trying to salvage their marriage. But if they have exercised some control over the circumstances, they would be happily together, enjoying each other till ‘death do they part’ as the marriage vows go.


To keep love in the marriage or relationship, there has to be honesty practiced daily. No one likes a liar in the home; it is like having a thief amongst the family. Your home is your secure abode. If you do not feel safe at home with the other residents who are supposedly your loved ones, you will not enjoy your life. You will live your life in constant fear which is very unhealthy for anyone. Honesty comes from trust in another to keep private the issues that are important to one another.

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Love carries with it responsibility towards the involved parties. Each party in love with one another must be willing to be responsible towards the other by fulfilling the needs of the spouse or partner or loved ones. It is your responsibility to care and show it to your loved ones if you claim you love them. Love must be drawn out into action. It is your responsibility to show and assure your loved ones your love.

Take turns planning your special time together or surprise each other; have fun by creating adventures and make a point to create memorable moments. It is your responsibility to discover the likes and dislikes of your spouse to bring your love to a deeper level, such as the type of lingerie or flowers your wife prefers.


Love can be taken for granted as you become slack over your loved ones. With responsibility comes fulfillment of your loved ones’ needs and preferences. It should not be always ‘about me’; love is about fulfilling the other half of you – your spouse. Being joined in marriage may mean that you are both as close as one but still are two persons adjusting to one another. To fulfill each other is to meet the needs and desires of one another over your own needs and desires. For example, your wife wants to shop for some lingerie while you prefer to golf. Each must make time to fulfill the other’s needs and preference. Take turns and take time to work out the differences to enjoy the relationship and build up your love.

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Love may be a feeling towards another but it requires commitment to love. You can love Paris today and Venice the next day but love between humans does not function like that. Love impacts the emotions of a human deeply and hence, commitment is required to build up love.


Patience is a virtue and love needs patience. No one is perfect and so, all parties in love need to exercise patience in refining their love. Patience in love is truly a great display of sacrifice that goes beyond forbearance of the idiosyncrasies of your spouse.


Source by Sanjay Soni