Sometimes Blogging Can Go Too Far

A few weeks ago our company Brand Identity Guru paid for a review of our service from a company called Reviewme then hires bloggers to write a review about your product/service or web site. Typically these are unbiased reviews about a topic or website.

We’ve had hundreds of bloggers review our company and our clients. Out of these reviews we’ve never had problems or issues concerning the blog reviews. Some of the reviews are good and some are not so good. This is par for the course when having bloggers review a subject that they may or may not know a lot about. Usually the reviews are fair and turn out well.

But one blogger has taken the freedom of speech thing a little far.

Internet Consulting World or Garry Egan is one such blogger. He originally reviewed our branding test at internetconsultingworld dot com. The review was negative but only because Gary Egan doesn’t know what positioning is or the basic elements of branding. He certainly didn’t know what brand identity meant. But instead of just saying I don’t know what this does and if it’s actually good or not he went on a negative campaign on everything.

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So in response to his heated review of our free branding test we posted a response in our branding blog in defense of our branding test tool. Our response spawned a hellfire campaign by Internet Consulting World and Garry Eggan.

Gary E as he blogs from went on to swear, threaten and attempt to use search engine optimization techniques to drive people to view his blog and search results. This was completely over the lines of good business. Some may even say it could be unfair competition since we both provide SEO services in the Internet Business Consulting world. Even though anyone reading this blog post would find it offensive, childish and extremely unprofessional.

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Sometimes blog, blogs and blogging can go too far. Read Gary Egan’s article here: internetconsultingworld dot com

We genuinely feel sorry for unprofessional business people like this but blogging requires some responsibility so it’s good to point out the negatives with the positives. Blogging is becoming extremely popular and it requires a level of professionalism and skill. Hiring a blogger like Garry Egan (who only gets paid $5 for an article) needs to be looked at and weighed before moving forward.

The moral of this story is be professional while blogging and avoid circumstances like this one. Your brand image means everything to your company. Take care of it.


by Scott D. White