A Brief History of Hybrid Cars

Currently green vehicles becomes a worldwide trend. Almost all the state began to talk and market in their countries. The same thing also happened in Indonesia. Famous auto manufacturers like Toyota have put forward a proposal to the Government of Indonesia for the marketing of this car. So, there is absolutely no surprise you can find some Toyota Prius hybrid cars began appearing on the streets in Indonesia.

Vehicles that rely on dual engine as the driving force was not a new technology. Since the early 1900’s hybrid vehicles have grown quite large. And the first hybrid vehicle is a Porsche output in 1900.

After Porsche, another automobile that applies this technology is Woods Dual Power Model 44 Coupe which goes on sale in 1916.

The car that had participated in a car show in Detroit, United States, is driven by the power of the two engines namely gasoline engine and battery.

Gasoline engine used classic car is a four-cylinder petrol engine which is then combined with the propulsion donation of a set of batteries.

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This auto is capable of running up to speeds of 15 miles per hour with a maximum speed of 35 miles per hour.

And the main character in the story behind this transportation is Clinton Edgar Woods, author of the first book about the electric car. In 1899 he founded the Woods Motor Vehicle Co. and built more than 30 models of cars.

In 1911-1918 these vehicles have started they are marketed at a cost of approximately $ 2,700.

However, the development of hybrid cars had been halted by the discovery of new oil fields in the world. In the 1960’s the hybrid car begins to sink and oil-fueled cars took back the world car market.

It was not until the 1990s, after the oil production is no longer much and discovery of new oil fields are running low, and environmental issues caused by emissions of gasoline cars, hybrid cars back ogled carmaker.

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And the main pioneer is Toyota, the car maker from Japan, who issued the first mass production hybrid car in the world in 1997 with their Toyota Prius, which was then followed by other car manufacturers in the world.

Currently, almost all automobile manufacturers began producing hybrid cars, ranging from Japanese car manufacturers to American and European automakers, such as Ford, Chevrolet, Mercedes, or BMW.

Finally, the technology of this car was not a new technology but it is a modification of existing technologies. Hybrid car had sunk because of cheap oil prices. But with the thinness of the natural resources of oil and global warming are getting worse, the hybrid car can be one of the solutions to overcome this. It is time for us to switch to environmentally friendly cars.


by Johan Young