Angular Chelitis Overnight Cure?

If you have ever suffered from painful sores caused by cracks at the corners of your mouth then you have very likely suffered from Angular Cheilitis even if you had not heard that term before now!

Angular Cheilitis is accepted as being related to a number of similar complaints and is known by a variety of other names such as Angular Chelitis, Chelosis, Angular Stomatitis and Perleche. The condition is one which causes extreme discomfort and pain to sufferers and which makes tasks that we take for granted such as eating, drinking and talking, painful beyond belief. As sufferers will know, even opening your mouth can be something which causes sores which have scabbed to crack causing excruciating pain for those who suffer from Angular Chelitis.

It is thought that Angular Cheilitis is largely caused by bacterial or fungal infections. It is widely thought that keeping the lips and mouth clean and dry will stop the onset of Chelitis. If you fail to ensure that you maintain good oral hygiene, bacteria and fungi can thrive in such an environment. Some believe that licking the lips to keep them moist will help but it is thought that this too is nothing but a myth. It is believed that saliva can carry bacteria which might cause the cracking and sores on your lips and mouth to worsen. So, although it might be a temptation to provide temporary relief by licking your lips, this is not recommended as a wise practice for sufferers of Angular Chelitis.

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If exposed to extremes of weather conditions you must always ensure to keep your lips moist using a good quality lip balm to avoid damage to your lips by excessive exposure to sun or extreme cold. Over exposure to the sun can cause the lips to become dry and chapped which if not dealt with can develop into full blown Angular Chelitis. In extreme cases your doctor might prescribe you with an anti fungal cream to help eliminate the cracking at the corner of your lips. Moisturizing your lips whilst you are asleep is a practical and recommended step you should take to assist in recovering from Chelitis.

Another common cause of Angular Chelitis is thought to be a lack of essential B vitamin groups so if you suffer from Cheilitis regularly as some sufferers do, this is likely a sign that you need to supplement your diet with food groups rich in the range of B vitamins. Food groups containing vitamins A and C are also essential to a healthy and balanced diet.

In order to make sure that your body receives sufficient quantities of these essential vitamins you should ensure that your diet is both healthy and balanced and includes sufficient amounts of cereals and grains, fruits and green vegetables.

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If you take all of these practical preventative steps you should minimize your chances of suffering form Chelitis. However, scientists are divided on exactly what the root cause of Angular Chelitis is and in many if not all cases, sufferers bear the pain and often public ridicule and humiliation which this condition can bring for months and sometimes even years.

If you have spent significant sums of money on lip balms, creams and prescriptions which seem to have little or no effect and only provide temporary relief and which have not provided you with a lasting cure, an end to your misery might be imminent. There is a new method thought to be a permanent cure which involves the use of two everyday products which abound in most kitchens or bathrooms and which is hoped will end suffering from with Angular Cheilitis once and for all.

Sufferers from Angular Cheilitis will rejoice at this news and the opportunity to regain control of their life and say goodbye to unsightly red sores and cracks in their mouth forever.

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by Ashley Stevenson