Best Way to Fix the Xbox 360 Death Ring Or Red Ring of Death Problem

Most Xbox gamers will be familiar with the term red ring of death or even experienced the Xbox 360 death ring at some point in time. Why does this happen in the first place? In this article I will explain the reason you are presented with this fault, explain how you may be able to avoid this from happening in the first place, inform you of some of the bogus claims for fixing the Xbox 360 death ring like the “Towel Trick” and present you will a proven way to resolve this problem designed by an Xbox repair expert who has fixed thousands of Xbox 360 consoles.

So why am I presented with 3 red lights on my Xbox gaming console to start with? This common fault in these gaming console is basically caused by the system completely overheating because of a design flaw in the manufacture of the unit. Some of the internal heatsinks which are designed to expel excess heat are not connected to the main PCB board properly and therefore give a poor performance. You can reduce the risk of getting the error message in the first place by trying to improve the airflow around the console by ensuring the power supply is not sitting on the console, the air vents at the side of the console are not blocked in any way and please ensure no other gaming consoles are placed on top or below the Xbox 360 as this will also raise the temperature of the console.

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Some people are claiming to be able to resolve the red light problem by using a trick involving a towel. By wrapping your console in a bath towel, using the “towel trick” will actually cause even worse overheating and possibly even lead to permanent damage to your console.

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You can fix the Xbox 360 death ring problem yourself as it is not all the complicated as long as you have the right guide and basic tools.


by Vincent Moore