Are Racist Rants Simply Hatred or Pure Stupidity?

A white woman’s two racist rants in Torrance, California, recently have gone viral. She confronts an Asian American young woman who is doing some exercising in a public park. For no logical reason, the woman starts a racist rant and tells the woman to go back to whatever Asian country she was from (using some expletives laced through her ranting).

The young woman had been video taping her workout session so the racist woman was caught on camera doing her hateful ranting. However, she yells at the young woman to put it on Facebook as she continues her tirade. She tells the young woman that her family is going to come after her. The woman is called “older” in reports. In reality, she is apparently 56 years old. That’s not that old, and she has been found to have a last name which sounds Hispanic.

The racist woman doing the ranting must have some serious prejudice and hatred toward those of Asian background as others came forward telling of their experiences with the same woman. A man had video taped an encounter he and his eleven year old son had with her that same day. That video has gone viral as has the first one. There are likely many more times when this woman has gone on her racist rants without being filmed.

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Is it simply just plain hatred for people who are different that caused this woman to go on her racist rants or is it pure stupidity? The question is whether she is racist against any minority or does she have something against those of Asian background. It is strange that in the second video of the racist woman, she gets into her Japanese make car to drive away. That sounds like stupidity. She has made herself famous or infamous.

With nearly everyone these days having a cell phone with a camera, videos are easily taken by the general public. There are hundreds of videos on YouTube of people going on racist rants against people who look different than them. Yes, racism is alive and thriving in the United States.

There is too much hate in this world, and it is likely impossible to eradicate racism because of people like the woman in the video. Although there are many more white people who are currently protesting and speaking out against racism, there may always be this type of ignorant, intolerant, hateful, and arrogant (even without reason) people in this world.

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Black people, Latinos, Native Americans, Asian Americans, Muslims, and LGBTQ people are all too often subjected to racist attacks and rants by hateful people. Blacks have it the worst, as everyone would agree, but people in the other ethnicities and anyone perceived to be different may be a target for racism. The racism exhibited in the recent past against black men has escalated. Many victims have received media and public attention, including the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery.

Although no one condones riots, looting, destruction of property, and harm to others, the peaceful protests to bring attention to the racial inequities in this country should be heeded by people in power to make changes. There should be fairness and justice in this world without people having to endure racism.

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by Irene Mori