Azrael, The Angel Of Death (Who Is He?)

Azrael, also referred to as Iza’il, is one of four Archangels in the Islamic religion. Azrael is the Angel of Death who is forever writing in a large book and forever erasing what he writes: what he writes is the birth of all men, what he erases is the names of all men at death.” He carefully records the names of every living soul and then erases them at the day and time of their death. The book is that of the living and since each person dies and a century is short when compared to the history of the world it appears as though the Angel of death is constantly writing and erasing names.

It is believed that Azrael is an enormous angel who is so big that one foot relaxes in either the forth or seventh heaven and also the other on the bridge that runs in between paradise and hell. Christians hold that the angels are all human like creatures with soft features and stunning wings. This is not substantially true. Regardless of Azrael’s size he also has 4 faces and 4 thousand wings. His entire body includes eyes as well as tongues. Each eye as well as each tongue corresponds to the total number of people residing on Earth.

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Azrael also has an individuality that may surprise individuals. He is a really patient being, careful in his work, soft in his demeanor and job. It is said that many of the various other angels didn’t recognize him that well due to the fact that he was so inconspicuous. It is thought that Azrael was very kind and mild to others. While bringing death to humans he treats them with kindness.

Within Azrael’s checklist are the names of the damned which he circles in black ink. The names of the honored are circled around in light. When the day of death comes, a name from a tree with the persons name on it falls from the tree underneath God’s divine throne. After 40 days Azrael must cut the individual’s heart from their body. He will certainly come with that spirit to paradise or hell. When all living beings die, Azrael is expected to die too.

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The angel Azrael lives and also passes away like many of us. God will have him pass away when his work is done as well as mankind has their rightful location in heaven or hell. Azrael, in spite of his dark job, is undoubtedly one of the most noble Angels. He comes from a class of a total number of seven Archangels. Other leader angels consist of Michael (Angel of Weather Condition).


Source: Annonymous