Black Magic and Terrorism

The power in the belief of supernatural forces is the driving force of all terrorists who are touched by it. We are all ‘tribal’ in that what is passed on to us from parents and elders remains in our psyche and culture. It takes great strength to overturn it and become impossible when superstition and things like ‘sacraments’, devils, angels, and saints, are added to the mix. So it is with religions that involve another element; a prophet who is respected, worshiped, prayed to, and adored as a god.

This is the formula that Christian, Muslim, and Jewish faiths follow and they have all practiced and been subjected to terrorism. While the numbers killed in the onslaughts conducted by religious forces over the centuries is incalculable it has possibly amounted to billions. The use of one’s belief in the supernatural powers promoted by them is black magic because the only beneficiaries are the organisations behind it.

Black magic is defined as the employment of supernatural powers for one’s own benefit and there is not a single religion that is not guilty of this. My reincarnation proves that heaven and hell and the so-called prophets of these bodies are nothing more than myths. They are started from ideas that centuries later were suddenly seized upon by kings who promoted them to enhance their power and control over their empires.

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The one who is most recent is Constantine, who is 666 in Revelation 13:12-18. He started the Catholic Church based on his own Islamic religion and he put up the image of Jesus Christ. The power behind what people believe rather than what is reality is so strong that they readily accept that by defending their ‘god’ or ‘gods’ against those who would destroy them it is right to kill.

This is the thinking behind most major wars and the annihilation of entire communities that have filled the history books with what many consider exciting stories. The goal is selfish as those who engage in the killing are focused on a place in heaven or paradise and neither of these places exist.

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My reincarnation provides the knowledge that everyone who has lived is now back and facing the judgment of the real God, the Great Spirit of the Universe. In this time of space travel and super strong telescopes and other things we can see far beyond our own universe to finally appreciate the extent of the cosmos. Zillions of stars and planets seen from our perspective alone are all under the control of the Spirit.

The black magic of religion has attempted to hide this knowledge but the truth is finally out there. It is on the Mountain of God, which is the Internet, promised to spread the truth in the last days (Micah 4:1). It is happening now and everyone who has lived is back to face the judgment of who is worthy to be saved.


by Norma Holt