Loving Kindness Meditation | Video

Meditative Practice for College Students

This meditation will guide you to a deeper appreciation for self and the world around you. Useful for anyone who desires inner peace as well as general relaxation.

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Written and read by Kathleen Grace-Bishop; Music Performed by Cynthia Chatis.

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  1. I am enrolled in a course, Positive Psychology, an online course offered through the University of North Carolina. Studies are proving that Loving Kindness Meditation improves physical health, by slowing the heart rate. There are of course, other benefits. This particular training video is good.

  2. Physical matter is real, so now is matter and not now is not matter(not real), in other words "if it's not now it's doesn't matter"

  3. Thank you for this. Almost to the end, I felt this burst of something flowing out of me spiritually. It was psychedelic. It's hard to describe but it was an out of body experience. 

  4. I've been using this in my daily practice for 2 months and plan to continue.  It's succinct and captures the important parts of a Metta meditation.  Nicely done.

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