Crest of Eagles – Book Review

Jocelyn Howe has an excellent knowledge and understanding of the writing craft. The author interweaves multiple, strong, leading characters and two completely different time frames masterfully. Crest of Eagles reminds me of some of the great works of Wilbur Smith. This exceptional book certainly ranks with some of the best that I have reviewed to date and I would not hesitate to give Crest of Eagles the highest rating available.

Mandhla is taken prisoner by terrorists during an attack of a mission run by white people with generous hearts for children who had no one to turn to. Everyone was mercilessly killed except those who could not be turned into soldiers or whores.

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Peter Kennedy, leader of the top military team, set out to save the children, but in fouling the job, Peter earned the revenge of one very mixed-up boy. Kuru joins Peter in the war against the terrorists with the hope of saving his brother – never dreaming that when he did meet Mandhla again, it would be as enemies.

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Ancient tribal religion works its way into present day. The lives of Tcana, a high priestess, and Rebecca, a bombshell journalist, are connected in some kind of cosmic manor -though they live centuries apart.

Romance, adventure, suspense, ancient tribal history and modern day action – this book has it all! Crest of Eagles is destined to be one of the most dog-eared fiction books in my collection.

ISBN#: 0976773252

Author: Jocelyn Howe

Publisher: A Better Be Write Publisher


by Lillian Brummet