Stress: Is Meditation a Viable Alternative to Medications?

One of the biggest health concerns American adults face is stress. There's tons of research available that shows how damaging stress can be for your physical and mental health. Using stress management techniques is key to reducing your chances of developing ailments, such as depression, obesity, diabetes and heart disease. These diseases are indirectly related, since stress causes most people to overeat unhealthy foods. When you eat too much toxic foods, diseases like cancer can form. At this point, it would be best to obtain the services of a naturopathic oncologist.

You'll quickly learn that the best alternative cancer treatment is prevention. If you can minimize your chances of stress, you can in turn reduce your risk of developing related diseases. This is why it's recommended that you engage in stress-reducing activities, such as meditation.

Can Meditation Really Help Reduce Stress?

When you think of someone meditating, what likely comes to mind is someone sitting down with their legs crossed and their eyes closed. Some even meditate while lying down. However, this is only one way of practicing meditation. There's another concept called mindfulness meditation and it has shown to help lower stress.

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What is Mindfulness Meditation?

Practicing mindfulness meditation is simple. All you're doing is living in the now, which means keeping your mind focused on the present only. You'll find that majority of one's stress stems from thoughts of the past and future. If you're at work thinking about the argument you had the night before or worrying about an upcoming event you have to plan for, then you're not mindful of the present.

These type of thoughts are distracting and only build up your stress levels. The key is to be mindful of the present, but without judgment. Studies show that those who learn how to effectively meditate in this manner are able to lower their stress levels. This was determined by measuring the stress hormone called ACTH, as well a pro-inflammatory cytokines (both of which were reduced).

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Research shows inflammation is linked to disease, including cancer. Allowing your body to become toxic with stress hormones is only increasing your chances of this illness. You can consult with a naturopathic oncologist at alternative cancer treatments centers to learn preventive methods you can implement today.

But is it a Replacement for Medication?

This is the million dollar question, especially since millions of people are prescribed medications each day. Any chance you have of eliminating a prescription drug is a good thing. Studies show that this type of meditating can actually replace the need for pain medications. In the research, the participants who practiced it witnessed a 57 percent reduction in pain discomfort and 40 percent decrease in pain intensity.

This alone should convince people of the power of meditation. You can learn more about improving your lifestyle from a naturopathic oncologist, who also specializes in treatments like detoxification, IV vitamin therapy and chelation therapy.


Source by Katie Spiess