Guided MEDITATION Experience (Hindi): BK Shivani | Video

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We want to meditate, but feel that it is difficult, we are unable to concentrate. BK Shivani takes us through a Meditation Experience which will give us inner strength to create miracles in our inner world and our outer world. Take out 15 mins for yourself every morning. Sit back, relax and start this Meditation Guided Commentary. As you listen to each thought, visualise it and start feeling it. This 15 mins will recharge you daily and the journey of regaining Inner Power will begin.

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  1. I am audacious
    I am ethics
    I have well mannered
    I am benevolent
    I am Spotless
    I have lot of virtue
    I am peace ful
    I am progressive
    I am genius
    I am true speaker
    I am good listener
    I am genuine
    I am eloquent
    I am prudent
    My heart is neat and clean
    I am helper
    I am giver
    I am different
    I am diligent
    I am sensible
    I am sagacious
    I am careful
    I am authentic
    I love nature
    I am comfortable
    I am assured
    I am easy
    I am lenient
    I am happy
    I am Caregious
    I am good
    I love god and human being
    Peace is my Nature
    I am care taker
    I like the help people
    I am innocent
    I am fearless
    I am undaunted
    I am energetic
    I want to dedicated my life to helping others
    I am different
    I am kind
    I am easy
    I am like diamond
    I am precious
    I am amazing
    Success is my birth right success is certain for me i am enlightenment
    Law is my passion
    Clat is my life
    I will crack definitely clat exam than i will go Bangalore in the month of june in end.. All india 5 th rank Nlsiu Bangalore
    Future lawyer
    God bless me
    God is my life
    God is present everywhere
    I am flawless
    I am adventure
    Clat is my life
    Mera selection pakkaa ha clat me i have faith on god bless me thanks shiv baba mitthee baba
    I am grateful for the all things god is with me.many miracles had done in my life sai baba ji

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