Colon Cancer Survival Rates – Know Your Chances

When one walks unto a path, he or she will have uncertainty especially if the course they would have to undertake is the road of colon cancer. Most of us don’t understand what cancer of the colon really is all about, how it starts or how long for someone with cancer of the colon will live. All people need is a general idea on where they are heading, for people tend to panic if they don’t.

The reason why colon cancer survival rates are being written is for everyone to settle down and prevent affected patients from worrying too much. This Article is about a generalization of how patients with cancer of the colon cope up, provided with the not so enthusiastic survival chances.

In regards to the article written and published in the European journal of cancer, the location of the tumor creates a huge impact in colon cancer survival rates. In the United States alone, tumors in the ascending colon or close to the small intestines survival percentage is about 63%. In the descending colon is about 66% and in the transverse colon is at 59%.

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Colon cancer survival rates may vary from country to country. In the United States a 5 year survival statistics of one with cancer of the colon is at 62% while at Europe this is only 43%. The quality of treatment maybe one of the biggest reasons of the difference, another is the number of colon cancer screening programs that are implemented. Detection is the primary key in helping treat this type of cancer, for the earlier the detection, the easier for doctors to provide a cure.

Stage and diagnosis have a huge impact in the survival chances of someone with this malignant disease. Researchers conducted and written articles for the A.N.Z. journal of surgery have found out that the five-year survival rate of stage 1 cancer of the colon goes as high as 93%. This probability drops down to 59% when the malignant cancer cells of the colon expand and grow to be classified to stage 3. The 5 year survival rate of someone with stage 4 cancer of the colon goes down to below 20% chance of survival.

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Possibility of being cured is not out of reach for someone with cancer of the colon. Everyone should remember that prevention is better than cure. There are numerous things that may increase the risk of having this type of disease. If you see any signs of colon cancer you should immediately seek professional help, for the key to increasing your survival rate is early detection and immediate medication.


by Mert Ozge