Is Human Nature Being Used Against Them?

There have been many books and essays written over the control of human populations, so what I am about to say is no secret or silly “Illuminati Conspiracy Theory” – it’s just the way things are, and so no one ought to be too surprised. Some might say humans are lazy by nature, or perhaps like any other species on this planet their genes are predisposition to conserve energy, thus the whole organism works to do maximize efficiency. So, of course, this is what humans do. Okay so, let’s talk shall we?

Human nature dictates that humans will do the least and try to get the most – that we know. Unless there is a fear factor or fire lit under them, generally they won’t be too motivated to do much of anything. Does this mean humans are lazy, or smart, or both, or perhaps, just playing out their natural instincts in their highly modified habitat – our modern society. Thus, we shouldn’t expect humans to be productive except for their own benefits without ample motivation, inspiration, incentive, or reward

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Now then, what we get as a society is that which we reward. If we wish people to think more, then we need to reward for that, or they will stop thinking, bad for them, good for those who wish to control and dominate over them. Okay so, if we chastise, attack, or outcast those who think, then we will have fewer of them.

Right now we pretend to reward those in college who answer all the questions as per the required dictate – and we reward them with corporate jobs, as if they are the important goal and epitome of success, they are not. These people are just being used as “units of labor” to make the system work, by those who understand how it really works and work the system in that vicious circle.

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Think about military personal, they risk their lives, nearly die, and they get what; A Medal? But as per Maslow’s hierarchy of need, they also get “respect from their fellow man” – just as in college, respect for going through the process and doing well.

I’d submit to you that the smartest of all could care less about all that, they do it for themselves, and when the college professors can’t answer their question they do one of two things; study on their own to supplement their instruction as time permits, or they leave and see the system for what it is. Indeed, I hope you will please think on all this, no seriously; Think Human!


by Lance Winslow