Computer Tutorials: C++ Programming – Calculating Area of Rectangles | Video

In this video, Microsoft’s Visual C++ Express program is used to demonstrate how to make a program that calculates the area of rectangles. Note that this video is best viewed full-screen so that you can be able to see my screen recording easier.

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  1. Thanks very much !! I had my first programming class today, and was a bit overwhelmed. The video helped me to understand the basics a lot better !

  2. Essentially, you want your program code to be as clean as possible, while still having it do what you expect the result to be. That's what any good programmer strives to accomplish. And that isn't to say that I'm no maestro at it, either…

  3. I actually did take this program one step further to actually create an entire menu system that can be used to execute calculating the area, perimeter, and circumference of different shapes, like triangles, circles, and of course, rectangles. Are you currently taking a class on C++, or have you done this in the past?

    In this program, I'm already defining what shape I'm trying to figure out the area for (a rectangle), so outputting that information in the program would be irrelevant here.

  4. Thanks. Glad you enjoyed sharing it with your students. I'm a student learning the language myself, so hopefully you found the video informative.

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