DJI Tutorials – Mavic Pro – Firmware Upgrade with PC | Video

Learn how to firmware update your Mavic using your computer to optimize system performance and add new functions as they become available.

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  1. Yup, just as I figured…… didn't work. He missed the part where assistant 2 asks you to put the switch in the "down" position. I could only find the "wifi – rc" switch that moves left to right. Maybe DJI is making so much money on repairs that they are not concerned. Very frustrating. I am looking at a very nice looking drone that is useless to me until I can get it figured out.

  2. can i upgrade phantom's 4 pro remote conroller firmware with DJI assistant 2? when i connect controller to my macbook it shown as unknown device in Assistent 2

  3. DJI Assistant 2 (v1.2.0) doesn't recognize my Mavic PRO. I've messed with the firewall, even turned it all off… and tried various of different solutions given in the DJI forums, but nothing. DJI – please try to find a fix for that (seems-to-be) famous problem. It really is frustrating. Cheers!

  4. -You have to update periodically the firmwire for the Controller and for the Drone , do it separately using the PC.Better not to use the phone to upgrade. Previously you need no Install DJI Assistant 2 in your PC, get it from Mvic Site, you can start this application from your Desktop after installation.Use the USB cable that comes with the drone, other USB cables could not work. Then follow the video instructions. I never had problems performing these upgrades. Drone and RC controller must have the same firmwire version. Also, from PLAY STORE download directly in your cell phone the last version of DJI GO 4
    , this is not a firmwire is just an updated application to fly the drone using the cell phone, if you use a tablet need also to update this DJI GO 4 application.

  5. Yes, I'd like to see Assistant 2 actually work on a Mac. I was told by tech support to find someone with a PC lol. This was after I was told my iPhone 6s Plus' iOS was probably not compatible with my current firmware (as in can't us the phone app to update anything).

  6. Really sad that you can not download without a connected device. How sick is that? My battery does not keep the time of the download through even if it is 100% loaded.
    What do you offer the buyers with a slow Internet connection? I am very disappointed.

  7. neither the drone nor the controller are detected by my PC when connected via USB, and having the DJI assistant running. If I try updating via the app, I get network errors, then if the battery drops below 50%, I can't continue. This is my first time trying this, so it's a bit irritating.

  8. Hmmm. I;ve just received my mavic and trying to update the FW. And it keeps failing… When I try to update using my mobile phone, it says "connection failed", The DJI assistant does not recognize device at all.
    So my first impression from the drone itself is impressive, but the impression from SW and mobile app is quite poor. Isn't it a shame?

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