Effects of the War on Terrorism

No single catastrophe since the last world war makes very deep an effect on earth events as 9/11. Had the world responded to his 9/11 hit on America with small amounts Osama bin Laden most likely have disappeared, expelled from Afghanistan or even murdered by his Tajik adversaries. Even the Taliban had been recognized to have been surprised by 9/11. Practically the whole Muslim community (and the PLO) came out in sympathy with America.

It was a brief time of American moral supremacy. Still by introducing armed aggression, initially against Afghanistan and then against Iraq, America wholly squandered the gain. The aggression resulted in a tide of surge and anti-Americanism of support for wild Islamism across the Muslim community. The wars cost tens of a huge number of lives and also caused mass destruction. The billions of bucks expended on them was funded mostly from borrowing, which subsequently has destabilized the world economy.

All this was from all proportion to the episodes on 9/11. Indeed the reaction to 9/11 was as Bin Laden should have dreamed. He noticed prevalent hostility towards the west along with its intense behavior in the Muslim community. Civil liberties have been curbed and governments reverted to cold war paranoia. America was once again the great Satan. The serenity dividend so eagerly awaited at the conclusion of the twentieth century evaporated when the security business exploited counter terrorism and seized every possibility of income and risk aversion. Bin Laden became a role model for extremists almost everywhere. The decade after 9/11 should get ranking among the counterproductive and inept most eras within the story of contemporary statesmanship.

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The result was an innovative emphasis on fighting global terrorism, especially Al Qaida. Huge new resources have been tossed into the fight. Paradoxically, looking back, 9/11 might happen to be the excessive water mark for al Qaida instead of the start of a brand new terrorist threat. The team has since been not able to mount very stunning an assault once again. The Arab spring has made it nearly irrelevant. Looking back, maybe the west put a lot of work into the physical battle against global terrorism without enough into addressing the grievances the extremists could exploit, particularly the failing to progress serenity in the Middle East.

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Terrorists used the resources of a contemporary global culture, the internet, hi-tech airplanes, open borders, to strike the west at home. Thankfully, they didn’t provoke the societies of ours into closing the borders of theirs and hunkering down in your home and as an alternative we reacted with a better willingness to participate internationally. The strike gave birth to an unprecedented common coalition of revulsion. The opinion fragmented over Iraq. Divisions over Afghanistan, Syria and Libya show it hasn’t yet been rebuilt. One day is hoped by me it could be recaptured without a repeat of the appalling catastrophe that initially brought it into becoming.


by Martin Hahn