Extreme Sports in Cross Country Wilderness Treks

Imagine your self like Lewis and Clark but roughing it in the Wilderness. You have gone through survival training in the past and you are smart enough to stay alert. You have experience in river kayaks, tent making, living off the land, hunting and you feel confident. Next you make your extreme cross-country trek plans. To cross 2200 miles of pure Yukon Wilderness, alone! Wow that is what I call; Extreme Sports in Cross Country Wilderness Treks.

What is amazing is that there are many humans who do this for fun! For fun? Well, sounds more like a test of wills against the extremes of nature to me. Nevertheless there are thrill seekers who have done it and do it all this time. Out in the middle of nowhere anything can happen, of course we could all be lit up like a Christmas Tree in WWIII too, I suppose. Of course someone out in the middle of nowhere would have no clue that half the world got obliterated or even the outbreak of bird flu would be news to them.

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There are many daredevil extreme sportsmen out there but those who chose; Extreme Sports in cross country Wilderness Treks, well they are a breed apart, but perhaps they do prove that mankind walked to North America across the land bridge. Because if a modern man can do it and live off the land as they go, well a stronger ancient human could have easily done it too. Please consider this in 2006.

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Source by Lance Winslow