Further Equipping Your Programming Tool Belt


Qlikview is a tool for creating Business Intelligence (BI) reports. Its combination of compressed data files and empowered business users creates a very unique and dynamic reporting experience. Like all new tools, there is a bit of a learning curve, however thanks to the flourishing Qlik community, quickly learning the various features of this reporting tool isn’t too daunting of a task.


When it comes to making any type of game (web browser, desktop, console, or mobile) this is a reasonable choice. Unity has free licensing options allowing for new game developers to become acclimated with the tool before making a purchase. This is also allows for more indie developers to surface. Anyone with a bit of ingenuity and a desire to learn can design, develop, and release a game using Unity and reap the profits.

Unity has a lot of different features that help make developing a game a seamless process. They are constantly adding new features to further improve this development experience. Unity also has an asset store that allows developers to quickly assemble a game using placeholders or purchasable objects and models.

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GitHub is a tool that allows for managing source content. When starting a project, especially when working with a team, it is always a good idea to stay organized and control the content stored in source documents.

Also, due to GitHub’s ever growing community, this site can be a great way to reach out and ask for help from other programmers and developers. Sometimes it can be very hard to find bugs in your own code, so getting an outside perspective is another way to find those pesky bugs quicker.

GitHub is also a great location to develop open source or crowd source software. People can submit code to a project, and collectively develop some very interesting applications and programs.

In addition, you can also get open source code from GitHub. This is extremely beneficial when trying to create a snippet of code that is commonly used or has already been implemented. After all, why reinvent the wheel? Just a word of caution, though, most open source code has restrictions on proprietary use.

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It may seem a little odd that I am suggesting Google as a tool for programming, but it is probably the tool I use most when researching how to do something related to programming. One of the quickest ways to find an answer, blog post, forum thread, or article relating to a solution to a programming problem is to simply Google your question or topic.

Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is another resource that truly captures the beauty of the online programming community. Users can submit a question or problem on this website and other members will post their proposed solutions and/or explanations for the required concepts. Be careful when posting questions or answering them here, though, because if you post too many counterproductive comments, you will get banned!


by Paul Nogle