Basilicata – the Esoteric Triangle

“Greatest Discoveries of the 21st Century.”

The destiny of the human race has been in the hands of secret societies for ages, who dominate us and continue to foretell and plan our futures.

Understand that their goals are not the ones we see manifest, rather excuses to obtain the others, the goals they keep hidden.

Acerenza, an unknown land proven to be one of the most important centers for secret society conspiracies in southern Italy. This town and several other towns in the region of Basilicata known as Lucania until 1300, were inhabited by many significant historical figures that played vital roles in these conspiracies.

As we’ve discovered the main headquarters was in Acerenza. Sooner or later, connections will be plain to see, along the towns in the province of Potenza which were influenced by Masonic activities and practices. These connections were never written in books; never realized by any human being.

Recent discoveries prove that the birth of the secretive organization of the Templar Knights began in Acerenza by a Norman-Italian and not a Frenchmen notably; Hugues de Payen.

In this Italian region of Lucania you’ll witness clues left behind by some of the very first secret societies in history. This may open your eyes to the coming of the third pre-meditated World War.

During the Magna Grecian period of 500 B.C. Pythagoras was opening his esoteric school in Metapontum located by the sea 37miles from Acerenza where members had to be sworn in. Pythagoras aspired to create superior humans, demy-gods or half manhalf god. Spiritual rituals were performed in hopes of arriving at this relevant spirit. Pythagoras also realized that knowledge was not enough and that one needed the adapted spirit of serenity to achieve this therefore; purification of the spirit. Only then would one receive the knowledge needed to become god-like.

Pythagorean days consisted of; chanting, meditation, planning, studying, exercise, and nourishment. The ‘Pythagorean brotherhood’ was one of the world’s earliest unpriestly cooperative scientific societies.

There was a revolt against the cult. Pythagoras and Masonic cult members were brutally slaughtered in Metaponto. Pythagoras was viewed by the people as the God Apollo, a god of prophecy, music and healing and his corpse had mystically disappeared. One like this is usually given a proper burial or plaque Maybe his body was confiscated and hidden in a sacred place, as many saint’s bodies were could that place be Lucania?

It’s no secret that the Normans had been conquesting Italy since the beginning of the 11th century. They battled for power, for territories, with the Papacy, the Byzantines, Arabs, the Longobardi and other tribes who occupied lands in Italy.

The Romans had conquered Acerenza in 318 B.C. and built a temple dedicated to the Roman God; Hercules. It was build upon an antique temple once dedicated to “Heracles” (Son of Zeus) which existed in the time of Pythagoras.

In 799, Bishop Leo built a cathedral in that same location and dedicated it to the mysterious Saint Canione-a Gaelic-Irish Druid who died in 395. This name “Canione” is derived from “Canion” which means “Superb Watcher,” a ritual name with precise position of a “watcher;” and an important relic.

Then in 1061, Robert Guiscard confiscated the cathedral, and gave it to the Normans. From here, much is to be told.

During that same year, Guiscard swore his fidelity to the church of Rome and Godano, a Benedictine Norman (French) Monk, friend of Guiscard, who writes up this agreement and happens to be the Bishop of Acerenza and a monk from Cluny, France.

A year later Arnould de Chiny, a Benedictine Norman-Irish Monk and Cathedral constructor, becomes Archbishop of Acerenza and envisions the church as a “symbol of strength” reconstructing it according to the “Traditional Rules,” “The Secret Knowledge,” learnt at the Benedictine School in Ireland. This was to conserve an antique knowledge that was passed on and saved by Benedictine monks.

In 1080 the church was finished, but strange unusual symbols remained replacing genuine Catholic ones. In the 1930’s, a statue of Emperor Guiliano L’Apposta replaced a cross on the steeple of the cathedral; he was an enemy to Christianity and fought to restore Paganism! He opposed the Catholic Church, tendencies we may expect in modern-day secret societies.

The main entrance of the Acerenza cathedral is guarded by two gargoyles instead of angels. But the most phenomenal part about it is the church’s strange blueprint dimensions. This cathedral is proven to have used a Sacred Geometry. A perfect replica of the geometry was used in the construction of the Temple of Solomon. Hiram, another secret society member, founded the sacred geometry (referred to as the “Golden Section”) and used it in his works to build the Temple of Solomon; he believed that …all science is but measurement and by that measurement the secrets of nature are unveiled.

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By ways of the “Golden Section” and magical measurements of 20 x 60, in Egyptian cubits which God gave to Solomon to use in constructing the temple. This was meant to house the Arch of Alliance a container for the tabloids of the Ten Commandments. When this Norman church was finished; Arnould’s vision had come to pass at last.

The Cathedral of Acerenza is located in Glinni Square, another Irish-Gaelic name which pops up in this faraway place in southern Italy. It’s the only one of its kind in the world; this is what this discovery proves. With its ingenious dimensions, its every aspect refers to this sacred geometry, the one Pythagoras believed in. The most important factor is that the entire cathedral in Acerenza was built in perfect coalition to this sacred geometry of God. This information has been forever sought after. This sacred geometry was hidden for more than 900 years, and had just recently been discovered in Acerenza. But one thing is for sure; this method of construction was not made for the average client who wanted a simple church built!

Who told the builder about these sacred dimensions when the Temple of Solomon was built way before Christ? Why did they use these dimensions for this cathedral? What was so special about it?

Why did this particular church have the high honours of being built using such an ancient geometry?

Another peculiarity; the cathedral contains one window that is higher than all the rest. Odd. An extreme peculiarity that the window across from it allows its rays to join forces right in the heart of the church only on the 25th of May. This is when Acerenza celebrates the death of Saint Canione. This is another new discovery and there are others.

There’s more. Inside the cathedral, in the subterranean crypt, a black window leads to nowhere, but to pitch blackness. What was on the other side that was all walled up? Why does the metal detector go wild in this zone of the cathedral?

The cathedral’s construction was organized by Arnould de Chiny many centuries following Pythagoras and his colleges. Arnould was the leader of the oldest and most powerful secret society; the Priory of Sion.

Maybe to the residents of Acerenza nothing had seemed to look out of sorts, but behind the scenes powerful orders were developing indeed.

It’s a question of power and control. The Papacy had power and control, and so did the Normans.

So, what could be better than for them to join forces?

Pope Urban II was rescued from the Emperor of Germany; Enrich IV. He was transported to Banzi, a Benedictine Norman Monastery 20 km from Acerenza by Boamudus Hauteville and Arnould de Chiny from Acerenza.

Pope Urban II was a Catholic Pope. Together with Guiscard’s son Boamudus Hauteville; they had brilliantly strategized the entire battle of the Holy War during the six years they lived together in Banzi. It was a brutal unnecessary war that lasted almost two hundred years. Meanwhile, Banzi witnessed another incredible happening; the little rendezvous developed one of the oldest and most powerful secret societies in the world. The evidence is in the symbol of Acerenza; it’s the symbol of the confraternity of the Priory of Sion. Could they have been the beginnings of the Priory?

Their goals are not the ones we see manifest, rather excuses to obtain the others, the goals they keep in secret.

The Holy War was an excuse. The Holy War was conspired between 1088 and 1095-though their true target was not the Muslims, but the conquesting of the Roman Ruled Empire Constanopoli in Asia. Their claim was the protecting of innocent civilians, and to deal with the Muslim faith, which was the wrong faith according to them. They wanted to convert the second half of the empire into the Roman Catholic Religion; to be the only true religion in the world-it couldn’t appear to be nobler.

Arnould’s second objective was to find the Arch of Alliance and bring it back to Acerenza. In this way, the Norman church would have become the most influential church in the world.

Many powerful events took place or were conjured up in Lucania, and never stated in History books; either because no one knew about them, or because they were never intended to be documented.

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In 1117, a Norman-Italian Knight born in Forenza, near Acerenza, became the founder and leader of the Order of the Templar Knights; a powerful secret society that followed the Priory of Sion. History states that Hugo di Pagano was from France, but the information gathered through the years are no longer holding water. Documents and clues recently found in Lucania are indicators that he was truly the Grand Maestro of the Templars and he was; Italian. The real shock will eventually hit. The original founder of the Order Ugo de Pagani was not from Champagne, France. Ugo signed his name in various of documents found with the Italian spelling.

The history of the Templar Knights as we knew it started out as few as nine people, but grew into thousands in a very short time. The story made history, but this historical story had been miscalculated. Today, secret societies are no different than that first powerful force born in Acerenza, in the year of 1117. Docments prove this.

Clues of the Templar’s presence in Lucania range from numerous bas relief’s portraying pagan figures to detailed frescoes that wallpaper churches, caves and crypts all located in the province of Potenza. They consist of red Templar crosses, signs and symbols of the Holy Grail. The artist who painted them was a masterful artist of the Templar Knights. The Templars began to plan for their serge into power by offering protection to noble families afterwards they multiplied.

Protection can be another word for control

Why bring up the Templars? Because they were the beginning of a series of secret societies, that still continue today. Their original goal was to find the Arch of Alliance, the container holding the tabloids of the Ten Commandments and bring it back to Acerenza. It was to be used in creating the New World Order.


This entire Italian region of Lucania is marked with clues leading directly back to the Templar Knights, but that’s not all. We find more of a peculiar nature in Lucania.

Secret societies snowballed into different groups, but the Templars eventually disappeared out of sight; a massacre took place ordered by the Pope. The remaining members became the Antoniani’s and eventually the Masons, whose mission sent them to Ethiopia in search to find the “Arch of Alliance.” Italy formed the Antoniani, Scotland transformed into the Masons, and Portugal into Knights of Christ.

Times have changed, but secret societies have not.

They continue in their thirst for power.

General Pike, a member of the secret society “Illuminati,” and a 33° Freemason later on, wrote letters reporting to Giuseppe Mazzini, a revolutionist in Italy, with exact details of the last two World Wars and surprisingly of a third. This one was planned to be fought against the Muslims. This has already begun.

These antique letters were written in 1871, and were not predictions, but arranged plans. Today they are conserved in the British Museum in London. The Illuminati was formed in Bavaria in 1776, by Adam Weishaupt. He planned to transform this organization into Freemasonry, using the secrecy of the Masonic lodges to recruit members from the Illuminati. His plan was to create a secret organization that would control the world behind the scenes, in benefits for humanity. This required the forming of a communist one-world government. In order to do this, he would have to create wars, abolish religion, and many people would have to die in the process.


The New World Order shall be carried out, thus the continuance in Iraq and Iran?

In 1784, a German linguist named Munter went to Acerenza Italy. He belonged to the “Illuminati” of Baviera and was on a secret mission to reorganize the Masonic lodge of the Orient in Naples. This lodge was founded by the last grand maestro of the Templars-Jacque de Molais, the first to die in Paris 1312. Jacque established four lodges: Edinburgh, Stockholm, Paris and the one in Naples. Their goal was to destroy the King and the Pope. Munter met with Joseph Glinni known as Ottoman Glinni from Acerenza and Mario Pagano, a friend and follower of Joseph Glinni. He died mysteriously in that same year after having burnt several important documents. Mario Pagano died in 1799 a martyr in the Neapolitan Revolution. He was betrayed by Horatio Nelson and Lady Hamilton.


by Jackelin Jarvis