Gematria, Language of the Illuminatus

We have seen that Pi is the “Omnific Word” as used by Western Occult Systems. Specifically, the first 32 decimal digits of Pi.


So what is Gematria? It is the willful encrypting of a word fused to a mathematical value in order to provide the word with an encoded significance. This definition is a radical departure from profane discussions on this subject, but the definition is far more accurate and clear. Furthermore, the “encoded significance” is further comprised of two primary encoded realities: words that have an absolute truth encoded into them, and words that are encoded to reveal “esoteric significances”.

An “absolute truth” may still be compound in nature, meaning that the word has an “esoteric significance” even as it encodes a literal truth. An “absolute truth”, often will be set against some astronomical calculation, or some mathematical constant. This principle is set forth in “The Beginning of Masonry, page 24”,

If the ultimate and all sustaining secret of Freemasonry may be openly expressed in a few words, it will be these:

The entire course of nature is manifested in cycles. Some of these are scientifically real, others are but appearances based on the presence and position of the observer upon the Earth, away from which they have no true existence. For instance, there is no night except as we are temporarily on the shadow side of our globe during its diurnal rotation. There is this movement of the Earth upon its axis; there is the annual revolution that we term the year; and there is the stupendous cycle called the precession of the equinoxes, which requires nearly 26,000 years for its accomplishment.

There are relative velocities and courses of the planets, the axial revolution of the sun, their angles of inclination, the atomic weights of metals, the phenomena of light, color, crystallization, and gravitation. When the results are expressed in their simplest forms, the latter prove to be some rudimentary geometrical figures that supply the structure of crystals, and all blend together into the marvelous triangle (pythagorean theorem or “golden triangle”) that caused old Pythagoras to cry “Eureka!” when the beauties burst upon him.”

By careful computation we are able to reconstruct this really divine system, and we find that the exact proportions relating to the celestial correlations in question were lavishly and exclusively employed in the architecture of the temples of old, in all the culture lands of the world, both east and west.

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He goes on to explain at the beginning of a Chapter entitled “The Letter/Number System” on page 33: “The next step beyond that of embodying the sacred proportions in architecture and art was to contrive their vocal expression.”

“To contrive their vocal expression” is the encoding of particular constants into the words, returning the words back to “the golden triangle of Pythagoras”, or Pi. This is the reality of what is “gematria”, and hence the definition as defined at the start this article is that “gematria” is “the willful encrypting of a word fused to a mathematical value in order to provide the word with an encoded significance.”

Hence “Gematria”, provides us with literal hidden essences into the words not contained within the dictionary. This reality, too, is by design, for contrived nature of the words reveals their esoteric, or hidden, meanings, such meanings being either “absolute truths” or purely “esoteric significances” based on a conceptual truth via the process of observer location and observed phenomena.

For example. Higgins mentions “the stupendous cycle called the precession of the equinoxes”. This cycle is the primary purpose to the Royal Arch Degree. However, this cycle is purely illusory. Observing the Sun at its location at the Equinox, the Sun appears to traverse in reverse through the Zodiac, forming a “circle in the sky”. This “circle” is oft referred to as “the pie in the sky”, yet “pi” and “pie” really are encoding the same thing – a Circle, hence the ration of this circle to its diameter.

So the word ZODIAC can be inferred to then be a part of the “contrived vocal expression”, and indeed it is, for the anagram of ZODIAC is CADOIZ. Return the Letters to Numbers, and C=3, A=1, D=4, O=15, I=9, Z=26

ZODIAC = CADOIZ = 3.1415926

We can refer to this “contrived word” as both an “absolute truth” and an “esoteric truth”, depending on our purpose for the encoding. By revealing that ZODIAC is an anagram for Pi = 3.1415926, we begin to formulate “the structure of crystals” that “all blend together”.

Absolute truths, for all intents and purposes, however, we define as words that encode particular constants based on observable astronomic phenomena. For instance, the word EARTH reveals E+A+R+T+H = 5+1+18+20+8 = 52 Weeks. This is an “absolute truth” that clearly defines the Earth relative to its position in the solar system. The word says, “I, the planet Earth, maintains an orbit of 52 weeks around the Sun.”

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Esoteric truths are really quite different. An overly simplistic analysis of “esoteric truths” assumes that words of same value as “added” together necessarily imply an esoteric equivalency to other words. Many quack analysts assume this to mean “pseudo-numerology” equally, but most quack analysts, themselves, are not educated or versed enough to comment on such matters and are in generally wholly clueless that there is a contrived constructed element to the language.

Bernard Pick, as quoted in “the Ancient Cipher”, a Masonic inspired text released in the 1930’s, said, “The art of discovering the hidden sense of the text by means of numerical equivalence of the Letters” was an apt definition of what was “Gematria”. In this manner, which really is what “profane Gematria” as been reduced to, Letters are given values based on their “ordinal placement in the Alphabet”, and words are then added to find their total value, and words that have the same value are said to have esoteric equivalencies. This process is extended to whole phrases.

Examples of this might be, “The Ancient Word of God = 206 = The Word of Numbers”, or “The Number Within the Letter = 302 = Written Beneath Visible Word = 302 = Wisdom Hidden Under the Letter”, or “Miraculous Cipher = 191 = God’s Spell in Cipher = 191 = The Supreme Miracle = 191 = The Pure White Magic = 191 = Words as Numbers = 191 = The Super Words = 191 = The Silent Words = 191 = Written in Cipher = 191 = The Letters Double = 191 = Letters-Numbers = 191 God-Word Revealed = The Word of Power”.

Some of my students have even come to me to reveal that the phrase, “I, Fetch, speak the words of the Gods.” = 314 (3.14) itself has an “esoteric significance” in that indeed, what is being revealed is the underlying nature of Pi as the framework to the English Initiated (Illuminatus) System.

However, what is important to note is that contrived or crafted words set against numerical equivalences is a critical component, indeed, THE CRITICAL COMPONENT, to understanding the nature of the Construct, a construct wholly based on, and set against, Pi.


by Dennis Fetcho