Interesting Things

In this world there are many points of knowledge that are unknown. These points of knowledge are things that the powers that be would like to keep unknown and in doing so they want to keep the public ignorant. They want to do this because they know that an informed public would become very dangerous to the various regimes that lay in power right now.

Luckily the internet is all inclusive and there are places where you can get information on such things. Unfortunately for said powers that be, it is nearly impossible to keep people from sharing information with each other, while free communication is available to the public. As such free communication is available information will be freely shared. The only thing that these information hoarding invisible overlords have working in their favor, is the fact that many do not believe in them.

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There’s an old proverb that goes along with this. That proverb is “The greatest accomplishment the devil ever achieved was convincing man that he didn’t exist.” This being said, the group I refer to is the Illuminati. Now the simple fact of the matter is that most people will look at this article and believe that I’m nothing more than a crazy conspiracy theorist. Another chosen few will look further into what I have to say. There is Illuminati symbolism all around us.

The unfinished pyramid and all seeing eye on the back of the dollar, the geometric shapes found in Washington D.C. The various shapes and symbols we see in media, but now I present to you yet another theory on the Illuminati. A theory controversial even among conspiracy theorists is the belief that the twelve households of the Illuminati are none other than the direct descendants of the twelve tribes of Judah.

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This school of thought believes that the Illuminati in our world are actually a force for good, hiding behind the curtains of the obvious just outside of our ability to see, and guiding the world in a positive light. This same school of thought also believes that was the real reason that Adolph Hitler persecuted the Jewish people.

This is directly converse with the belief that the Illuminati is a Satanic group guiding the world through it’s own ritual means. One way or the other the geometry and symbolism proves that a specific force has been guiding history, whether it be a group for good or a group for evil remains to be seen. Maybe you will be the one to find out?


by Devin Backman