How To Sell a Screenplay to Hollywood – Consider a Multitude of Mediums

In today’s ever-changing media market, and as you try to consider how to sell a screenplay to Hollywood, there are more opportunities than ever before for you to tell your story – you’re no longer limited to just the worlds of film and television anymore. If you’re having trouble getting your story off the ground in one of those formats, maybe it would work better as one of the following:

1. Web series

2. Original content for a cable channel (such as F/X or HBO)

3. Original content for a streaming service (such a Netflix or Crackle)

4. Podcast

5. Novel

6. Mini-series

7. Video game

The point is, there are more ways than ever to get your story out to a broad number of people as you navigate how to sell a screenplay in Hollywood, and it make time some time for you to figure out exactly which medium works best for you and your story. However, this is not a strategy to be taken lightly — it requires a lot of research to figure out how each of these markets works because they are all governed by different rules.

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As such, you will need to befriend someone who is intimately familiar with each of them, and how they operate, in order to have the best chance of succeeding when it comes to how to sell a screenplay in Hollywood. Also, not all of these markets have the same level of entry ease and are as popular as one another, so if you’re going to make the switch, make sure it is a viable option to make in the first place.

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One thing that needs to be pointed out is that this is not a beginning strategy in terms of how to sell a screenplay in Hollywood – consider it a last-minute “Hail Mary” pass — the kind of thing you only really do if a producer tells you to do so or if you feel certain that you would have more success with your story in another medium.

Remember, you spent a lot of time working on your screenplay, so be sure to give it all the time, love, and benefit of the doubt that you would give a child, pet, or anything else that you care a lot about – it deserves at least that, doesn’t it? And most importantly, make sure to revise and rewrite many times.


by John Halas