Glove Use Within Pot Shops

Glove Use within Marijuana Shops

There is no secret that cannabis is becoming very common with the legalisation of the plant for leisure use within Colorado. Marijuana shops are appearing all around the front range, and over the west coast. How how can you tell that the dispensary workers are remaining safe and keeping product sanitary? One solution might be to research glove use.

Why would you use gloves?

Typically powder free latex or nitrile gloves are suggested for use handling marijuana. These kinds of gloves provide sufficient protection to both users hands along with the plant. Additionally they offer enough dexterity to correctly handle and package cannabis.

It is important to use powder free gloves since the powder will mix with the resin in the plant and contaminate it. Inside a marijuana dispensary, latex and nitrile gloves ought to be used just once, because once more, the resin will collect all over the gloves. The most important thing is maintaining hygiene and guaranteeing high-quality contaminate-free products.

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Advantages of using gloves

Probably the most important reasons to ensure that gloves are being used while handling cannabis plants is basically to safeguard the standard and integrity of the plant itself. It’s best for that product if it’s handled the minimal amount possible when marijuana is handled with bare hands, the potency rapidly disappears. Gloves also help with keeping any foreign skin oils or creams, etc. from contaminating the marijuana.

Wearing gloves enables your dispensary to supply top quality, safe marijuana to your clients. Likewise just like any food industry business, every product that’s offered to clients ought to be given care to ensure that it stays sanitary. Together with this, it’s advantageous for budtenders to ensure that they aren’t stuck with tough to remove resin on their own fingers and hands.

PPE Needs

The United States Department of Labor mandates that all companies should require employees to make use of appropriate hand protection when employees’ hands have to be exposed to potentially dangerous substances.

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Apart from safeguarding employees, The US Department of Labor has rules that shops should practice reliable hygienic rules meaning the marijuana ought to be stored uncontaminated and sanitary by using gloves along with other proper storage and handling processes.

Specific Applications

In compliance with PPE needs and also to supply the greatest quality marijuana, powder-free latex or nitrile gloves ought to be used whenever that cannabis is touched by budtenders.

When handling cannabis concentrates, it is vital that you use gloves. Since concentrates are extremely sticky in character, handling these with bare hands can transfer body oils along with other undesirable substances onto the concentrate. This downgrades the standard of the product that you’re supplying clients.


by Melanie Predolich