[HINDI] Best OS For Ethical Hacking? | Kali vs. Parrot | Which one to use? | Video

Hello everyone. How are you all? You may have been confused knowing about the various distributions of Linux operating system, you may have heard that Kali Linux is the best OS for hacking and security testing in the market, while some say there is a new OS in the market, named Parrot Security which is even better than Kali, so they use it. Because of all this speculations and controversies about the best spot in the market, these distributions have been two of the best candidates for the top spot.

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Are you still confused what OS to use for hacking?
Do you want to become a penetration tester and can’t choose a system to work on?
Are you confused between Kali and Parrot?


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  1. I also like Parrot.
    and Kali only have support but they also have ANNOYING BUGS.
    Kali is never better because hacking is not there where you will have bugs in the main OS!!

  2. in past 4 years,
    I have never seen any videos start to end
    this is my first video without skipping!
    Goooooood Luuuuccccck Bro
    a PERFECT explanation, main logics are here! A very good videos for the beginner

  3. Kali linux or Parrot are nothing but a standard linux distro with pre installed tools. Its similar to any linux , so if you know linux basics you can use any linux ditro. So it is not the matter of any OS . It is based on your knowledge of tools their uses and all. So you don't know the basics of the tools or theory related concepts , all the tools installed are just a waste of space. So don't worry much and learn linux basics. Rest easy having tools will change nothing if you don't know how to use them. So if you know the linux basics and later on develop a knowledge of all the tools you prefer.So you can later on take up a standard linux distro and customize and install the tools you use and require. I do agree with all his statements in the video though but in short it is not the matter of kali or parrot. It is a matter of preference. But I don't recommend kali or parrot for daily use. It is windows or OsX you should prefer. Linux distros you can us as a Virtual machines.(And yes if you go for brute force attacks : A POWERFUL GPU DOES HELP!!!!! 🙂

  4. bhai parrot os teminal me jab me password dalne lagtha hu toh voh skip hoke try again kertha hai password type kerne hi nahi detha kya karu?

  5. Bro operating system does not matter in my view we can use any of the operating system of linux distro. The fact is we should not be script kiddies. and learn how system works and build tools according to it.

  6. Both serve the same purpose! For me, Kali has a special place in my heart as because of the huge community and coming from a backtrack user Kali will be always my go-to pentest OS.

  7. Bahi ma na parrot os install core to doe dell 780 500gb hard, 2gb ram but after installation error show on lcd is video do not show in this mode. Kindly tel how to solve this error

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