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In this course you will learn about the best known tools and technologies which Professional Ethical Hackers use. You will learn about Kali Linux, Penetration Testing, Google Hacking, Port Scanning, attacks and exploitation, Vulnerability Assessment, Web Hacking, ARP Poisoning and much more. No prior experience of Ethical Hacking is required to learn this course! Perform end to end Penetration test on Metasploitable 1. Use different tools for ports scans, service scans, operating system scans. Look for vulnerable services and exploit it.
Perform Vulnerability Assessment (VA). Analyze the nessus report and confirm the vulnerabilities manually. Make a VA/PT report showing all the vulnerabilities with step by step screenshots and walkthrough.

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  1. did i just come to a video about learning to hack only to spend 5 mins watching a video telling me which companies have been hacked? ive been fkin hacked!

  2. Look I'm trying to learn hacking. But I know nothing, I've been using codecademy but idk if its fully good to use or to learn from? How do I find someone to teach me or where do I even start? Don't reply with a bs rat plz ?. If someone here so kind with experience that wants to teach me.

  3. Few questions for anyone who cares to answer:

    Where exactly should I go to learn how to hack?

    Also, is Linux pretty much used by all hackers? Or are there Windows alternatives that work just as well? I'm assuming Linux is the best but I'm just wondering.

  4. Its very interesting, But how i can learn with your site. Upload Other This type of video online on your own website and set number of price than you earn money. ok brother,Thanks for this video.

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