Hip Hop Name Generator – Ever Wonder How They Come Up With Those Crazy Names

At birth, you don’t get to choose your name, and it’s unlikely your parents made a selection from the hip hop name genre. If you were saddled with something that doesn’t suit you, change it. You can change your handle repeatedly to something that describes “the hip hop you” you are or “the rapper you” you want to become! It’s quite simple, just use a hip hop nickname generator and represent your inner MC.

Hip Hop artists rarely use their birth given names, with the exception of Kanye West, Missy Elliot, Rick Ross, Paul Wall, and Will Smith (formerly Fresh Prince). Rather than inventing something catchy and obscure for the masses to shout out during concerts, the aforementioned artists were deceptively clever by leaving no room for mistaken identity. By doing so, they may have missed some of the fun. Lucky for them they too can participate in creating the many possibilities their rap names could have been with a hip hop nickname generator.

Other well known hip hop artists are often referred to by pseudonyms that match their bigger than life characters. Speaking of big, you may be familiar with rap superstars like “Biggie Smalls” AKA “Notorious B.I.G.”, “Big Pun”, or “Chub Rock”(may they rest in peace). Let’s not forget the very much alive overweight lover, “Heavy-D”.

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If you are of a more slender or petite stature, perhaps, “MC Lyte”, “Lil Kim”, “Lil Romeo” or “Lil Wayne” hit closer to home.

The indecisive may change names as much as “Puff Daddy”, I mean, “Puffy”, I mean “P-Ditty”, no “Ditty”, or is it just plain “Puh” (the sound that the letter P makes)?

Regardless of the sometimes obvious, or other times unusual story behind the name and its meaning, hip hop artist names are fun to hear and even more fun to create. You may not be as good of a freestyler, or as hard-core as some of the hypest Gangsta rappers, but you can build an honorable handle with a hip hop nickname generator.

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If you still have no clue what hip hop nickname will best suit you, consider the following categorized names of popular rap artists.

Those with royal or respectable titles:

o Queen Latifah

o Sir Mix-a-lot

For the animal lovers:

o Snoop Dog

o Bow-Wow

Simply Initials:

o T.I.


o DMC (of Run DMC)

Just Plain Fun:

o Timbaland

o Nelly

o Daddy Yankee

Making a Statement:

o Eminem

o Common

o Tu-Pac

o Nas


o Flava Flav

o Vanilla Ice

o Salt-N-Pepa


o Mos Def

o LL Cool J (also initials)

o Fabulous


o Jay-Z

Whether the information you input generates initials, animal references, tasty flavors or something Ludacris, lean with it, rock with it and have fun using a hip hop nickname generator to create your artist name and Bust-a Rhyme (…s).

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by Wendy Pan