Hockey Uniforms: Manufactured in Impeccable Designs

Sports play an important role in our life. They help us to keep ourselves fit and healthy. There are different types of sports like cricket, football, volleyball, etc. Each sport requires skill and technique along with its prescribed uniform. Hockey is a sport played with great intensity between two teams of usually 11 players each. It is played with curved (j-shaped) sticks and a ball (or puck).

Games played with curved sticks and ball can be found in the pages of history but the word ‘hockey’ has no origin indeed. However it is said that the word hockey was extracted from a French word ‘houquet’ which means shepherd’s stave The first use of this word was made in a book ‘Juvenile Sports and Pastimes’ in 1773.

Field hockey, one of the subtypes, is played using sticks made of wood or fiber glass and a hard rubber ball. Length of stick varies according to the height of the player. The stick of a goalie is different from other players because it has another curve at the end. Jerseys, shin-guards, shorts or kilts, mouth guard and cleats are worn by players. Goalies can touch the ball with any part of the body whereas the field players use the flat side of their stick to play. The team scoring more goals by the end of the match wins.

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Ice hockey is also one of the types. It is played on an ice-court where two teams of skaters play using their sticks to shoot a rubber (vulcanized) puck into the opponent’s goal post. There are six players in each team including the goalie. This game requires specialized equipments in order to prevent injury. Helmets, neck-guards, elbow pads, shoulder pads, jersey, gloves, pants, shin guards, mouth guard, ice skates, puck, stick and socks.

In both the game types, uniforms and accessories are too much important to play safe. The hockey uniforms suppliers are offering their collection in a wide array of designs & specifications. Jerseys are made of tough synthetic material, polyester generally, to reduce moisture and keep the player dry. In case of field hockey, jerseys are sleeveless and comfort-fit whereas in case of ice hockey, jerseys are full sleeves. All these jerseys are available at the stores of different hockey uniform manufacturers.

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Hockey socks are not to be confused with regular socks. They are made from strong fabric and have openings at two ends, one is stretched up to the thighs and the other is at the ankle. They provide more protection than regular socks.

Hockey cannot be played using just a stick and a ball. It needs a genuine uniform and accessories. If you think you have that zeal for hockey you should always go for a proper uniform before playing. Jerseys, shorts, socks and other items can be purchased from various hockey uniforms suppliers at a very reasonable price. You will get assured quality of print and fabric. Try the original hockey gear and you will definitely feel the difference in your game play.

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by Himanshi Jindal