Check Out the Fancy Footwork at Hockey Skating Drills

If you’re going to have a team that is going to rule on the ice, it’s important that their skating is amazing. The technique and performance of your skaters must be great or your entire team is going to fail. Of course there are some things that can be done to improve the way your team is on the ice. Hockey skating drills can be used to help improve the way your team is skating so they can go on to win victories on the ice. So, here are a few excellent drills to use to improve your team.

Snow Cone

You’ll find these hockey skating drills are excellent for everyone and they will improve speed and stopping. Divide up your team into two different groups and put them in two different corners of the ice. Then take a cone and put it right on the blue line. Then all the players in each team must skate as fast as they can to the blue line, stop hard, pivot around, and then skate back as fast as possible.

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Power Starts

If you want to work on powerful starts with your hockey skating drills, the Power Start exercise will work. To do this exercise, you’ll have one player in the front, and then have a second player behind holding on to the first player’s jersey. Then the first player will need to skate to the red line pulling the other player along behind. This is great for working on those starts and building up power in each of your players.

Chasing the Wind Exercise

Another great exercise to use for your team, the Chasing the Wind drill is going to help your players improve their cardio fitness and it will also help them with starting and stopping as well. Start out with all the players on the blue line and then blow the whistle. At this point, the skaters must go to the 2nd blue line and quickly stop. With the next whistle blow they then go on to the red line and stop. The last whistle blow should take them back to the original blue when where they first began. You can make this exercise go faster and faster by decreasing the amount of time that they stop.

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Of course there are many great exercises that can help improve the skating of your team. However, these are some great hockey skating drills that will really make a difference in the way that your team skates. Use them enough and you’ll see a drastic improve in the way your teams performs out there on the ice.

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by Terry Price