Hollywood’s Secret Copywriting Seminar

If you would like to know how watching a special kind of

movie can triple the response of your next sales

promotion, then you’re going to find this particular article very


Here’s why: One of the little-talked about tricks the late (and

brilliant) copywriter Eugene Schwartz taught was to watch

the movie Lethal Weapon two or three times in a

row…in one sitting.

Believe it or not, he considered this one of the best (if not

the best) training methods in the world…for anyone

who sells for a living. Especially copywriters.


Because — as Eugene Schwartz put it — there is a certain

“rhythm” in the way the scenes are laid out in Lethal

. From the opening frame…it starts you on a

very specific “process” that continues all the way to the

closing credits. A process that makes it hard to get

sidetracked during the movie.

For example — and I have recently done this myself, so I can

confirm Gene Schwartz was not making this up — if you take

a stopwatch with Lethal Weapon and note the time

between each action sequence, you will discover there’s

only about three minutes (give or take).

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In other words…every three minutes the movie throws

another blast at you. Another person gets blown out of a

helicopter. Another corpse lands on someone’s windshield.

And so on.

Here’s the point: As crude and violent as all this is…it is

actually…from a strictly copywriting point of view…pure



Because this constant “3 minute shuffle” of all-out action,

violence and mayhem makes it all but impossible to get


It’s true. Even if you hate violent movies…even if you think

the story’s lame…even if you can’t stand co-star Danny

Glover…I think

most people would have to admit the movie is anything but


What’s this got to do with your copy?

Everything…because this tightly woven “rhythm” of blasting,

shooting, killing and hard-core butt-kicking…is actually a

physical entity you can identify, copy and ultimately

use in your advertising…with astonishing


Gene Schwartz actually called it “brains smashing

against windows”
copy. If you want to see examples of

this then simply go to http://hardtofindads.com (it’s free to register) to the section that says “34 Million

Dollar Ads.”

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Did you do it? Okay good. Now, did you notice how most of

those ads contain this exact same “Lethal Weapon”

rhythm Gene Schwartz described?

How there’s some sort of fascinating claim, dramatic piece

of news, interesting fact, riveting story, etc…in just about

every single paragraph?

Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

And the good news is…if you copy this rhythm of

throwing some kind of “action sequence” at your reader —

that keeps yanking them back into your sales pitch

before they even have a chance to think about

“changing channels” on you — then your shot of making the

sale goes up at least 100%. Probably even more. Doing

so has skyrocketed response on my own

ads…and I can practically guarantee it will for yours, too.


by Ben Settle