How to Develop a Genuine Love for Reading in Children

Many children today are so engrossed in the latest technology that they barely have time to open a book and read. As teacher we have to help them develop a genuine love for reading at an early age.

So how exactly do we do this? Well it doesn’t take a genius to do so. Here are some very easy and practical ways on how you can make your pupils love reading:

• Be a role model

Children learn best through modeling. Have you noticed how children would often emulate the way you act or talk? In fact, there are times they even play teacher and you’ll be surprised to see them copy the way you move and talk to them in class. So you can just imagine the extent of your influence among these young learners.

If you want your children to love reading you have to show them that you also love it. Read a book in front of your class every now and then especially during break time or after school hours. Show them your collection of books and let them see you enjoy reading them.

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• Use varied reading materials

Children are easily bored especially if they’re always reading the same textbook. You shouldn’t only develop a love for reading in your pupils but also teach them to appreciate all kinds of reading materials. Let them go to the library once in a while where they can read encyclopedias, almanacs, journals, fairytales, legends, and so much more.

• Provide wholesome reading activities

Many children are not fond of reading because afterwards teachers would only ask them questions then that’s it. Teachers often fail to provide enrichment activities. As a teacher, you must be resourceful enough to come up with some wholesome activities in line with reading. For instance, if the children read a fairytale you can ask them to act out or draw their favorite parts.

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Integrate reading in all your lessons. Allow them to read even if it’s not their English class. You can let them read the procedure in their experiments in Science or the instructions in their arts and crafts activities. You should also give assignments that include reading a variety of resources from magazines to online references. In other words, you should make reading a part of your everyday lessons. Once you’re able to do all these, it won’t be long before your children develop a genuine love for reading.


Source by Stephanie Prevendido-Gallardo