How To Get A Professional Psychic Or Psychic Tarot Reading

The world of divination and namely psychic readings belongs to a global industry which shows no sign of abatement. Recent data on the global scene indicates year on year growth of 2.8% and this covers services such as phone psychic readings, email readings, medium readings, and tarot readings which can also be face to face at the diviners home, the clients home or through a psychic fair.

Through the onset of choice, this does raise issues about the problem one is faced with in terms of choice when a reading is sought. This article outlines the details and principles of today’s modern psychics, what they offer and how the offerings differ.

Basically if you consult a tarot reader for instance you should be looking for someone who not only lays the cards, but also has other skills such as clairvoyancy. This means the reader uses their sixth sense to confirm and add further information to the reading once a card is pulled. This information comes from a 3rd party source, and this is from what is termed as ‘spirit’.

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This is a collective term used for the billions of spirit bodies which exist once the earthly life or incarnation ceases – when we die this is what happens to each and every person, our spirit leaves the body and becomes spirit form once more. This is in fact part of the birth, life, death cycle on the mortal path.

Those in spirit which help a clairvoyant reader, will be either their spirit guide, other guides which come in with the necessary knowledge and experience to help at that time, or relatives and friends of the client. The information comes to the reader in symbols, so they could see images in their minds eye, feel sensations or hear noises and sounds like someone talking in their ears.

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The information is then decoded and given to the client, this is especially handy with a tarot reading as their could be different aspects to the meaning based on how the cards are laid together.

Another type of reading could be obtained via a psychic medium which is the modern term for a reading with the sixth sense sight who also contacts those that the client knew. Another word for this type of reader is spiritualist medium, they do the same work which is evidential in nature except the latter readers can often be found in a local spiritualist church standing on platform – this is good way to get a cost effective message as the door fee can be just £3, rather than £30 for an independent reader.

Be careful how you choose a reader, look for feedback and go with your own intuition for best results.


by Rachel Swanoski