How to Get Started as an Ethical Hacker {VIDEO}

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In this video, we will cover why you should become a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH). Becoming a CEH will open doors to new opportunities as an information technology professional. If you are looking for a promotion within your company, a pay raise, or to crack in to the field of information security, becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker can be extremely rewarding.

Time Stamps
01:13 Blue team (network defense) vs. red team (ethical hacker)
03:47 As a CEH you will be trained to think like a black hat hacker
04:20 No two days will be the same as an ethical hacker
06:05 U.S. DOD Directive 8570 & CEH
07:55 The CEH is a good place to start if you are trying to get into the field of information security
08:25 Port scan detected & block (Bit Defender)
10:27 The CEH is a great way to grow within your position (promotion/pay raise)
11:01 Examples of CEH positions on
12:15 The CEH will help expose you to tools and workflow in an organized fashion
15:20 Bug bounty programs (bugcrowd & hackerone)
19:05 Becoming a CEH will open your eyes to world around you

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  1. Guy's I have a question, if I do ethical hacking (not as a job) that means I need to defend the system from bugs and attackers virus's and such BUT if I learn and do all that will I know how to attack like hacking into the system as an attacker for example: hacking my friends phone if he dares me to, or taking info from a website ik this all sounds like im planning to be a black hat but im not I just wanna find out the best ways to learn hacking from all angles if u get me.

  2. Thanks I’ve only ever been a malicious hacker after my friend introduced me to hacking into steam accounts and selling them. But I want to use the stuff I’ve learned for good so I really appreciate you teaching people how to become something like a ethical hacker

  3. I’m 13 and I’m thinking of going as cyber security, or certified ethical hacker. I don’t know which one though.

  4. The reason I wanna become a hacker is that it's cool and really fascinating yet it is crucial and not easy to become one. Not enough to use tools in order to become a hacker but to build your own tools, and that would be possible only if we are good programmers.

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