Hypnosis for Finding Your Life's Purpose (Higher Self Guided Meditation Spirit Guide) | Video

Welcome to this guided self hypnosis experience for helping you to find your life’s purpose. This hypnotic experience creates a safe and self-guided visualization to discover your most authentic answers – all coming directly from your own higher self.

Simply listen along to the gently relaxing suggestions as you allow your subconscious mind to create powerful associations and meaningful insights into what is most important to your deepest being.

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Discover your passion, your true path and your greatest enthusiasm for living your most satisfying life!

This self hypnosis experience may be repeated as often as you choose to reinforce your positive intentions and your own personal answers and inspirations.

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Enjoy & Peace.

Vocals and original photography by Michael Sealey © 2016



  1. The 2 words I saw were " love yourself". This video took me on a much needed adventure, there were moments when I started weeping. Especially when I asked why am I trying to fit in. I am in such emotional pain and loss that I literally had a heart attack some months ago, and I'm only 23! After weeks and weeks in hospital the doctors concluded that the reason was psychological. They call it stress (Takotsubo) cardiomyopathy. But it caused some permenant damage to my brain. Thanks Michael Seeley for this journey.

  2. Am I the only one who realized that my life purpose is to create a happy family and home for me, my husband and our future children? I also got distracted from he part that said to imagine a thing that I would gladly do everyday without getting bothered. I immediately thought of planting/ gardening. but this could be the occupation I enjoy the most I guess.

  3. Thankyou so much for sharing your time, gift and energy with us all Michael… you have helped so many… you and your team are sent love and hugs, health and happiness always…may life be relaxed and happy for you all… forever ❤️?❤️✌️??????✌️?✨??

  4. I am going to say im not sure I realized the book part, right before you mention the silver cloud and falling to my higher self. I think I went to deep before that because my body started to vibrate and pulse right before and it kinda brought more alertness out of my hypnosis then I was. I kinda lost a bit of touch with the hypnosis. And once I got to myself I wasn't in full attention to the book and I might of missed it. But after, I did feel chills when I CAN was said. But this was a really wow! Feeling on this one. I cant believe my body started to vibrate but this is defiently helping me get to something. Im really wanting to find my purpse and where my knowledge is suppose to take me for my family and myself in the hopeful NEAR future. Thank you with all gratefulness Michael its amazing how a recording can make someone do this. Thank you. I will get there AND I CAN GET THERE.

  5. My lifes purpose is to teach how to love unconditionally .
    Without the ego this is the simplist task. Instead of thinking of ourselves in life think of others.
    Love one, love all as they are . No need to judge. Without judgement there is no fear. Without fear there is trust. With trust there is unconditional love. Those who need help would ask for it because there is no fear in doing so.
    As a child I learned judgement caused division, hurt, shame & fear. I still dont see any benefit to judgement. The concepts weve been taught , do not have to be . No need for an ego.
    The people I feel most comfortable with are those who have not been taught to believe they must compete with everyone to survive. A world where when one of us succeeds we all succeed. Just the opposite is true when one of us fails we all fail. We must learn to help others as we help ourselves. To become one loving enity together in living. Learning together. Imagine what we could accomplish. What a beautiful existance that would be .

  6. What a mind changing experience! I had problems tuning the feeling up to 10… It felt like my body couldn't hold such powerful feelings. And afterwards I'm now second-guessing again, if I just gave myself the answers I wanted to hear or truly the right answer. Seems like I don't trust myself very much. So I'm going to rinse and repeat till it sinks in!

  7. can someone please tell me what had happened? i listened to whole thing & can remember being hypnotized then all the rest is a blur. i wasnt asleep or anything. i opened my eyes when he pulled us out of the hypnosis. im so confused please help?

  8. When you mentioned the “two words” in the book, my mind immediately told me ‘be good’ and I’m taking that as my life’s purpose.

  9. I can't begin to describe how much I needed this today. I feel transformed. Thank you for such a powerful video, will be doing it again and again for sure!!!

  10. Thanks Michael… having to relisten as I went to sleep so quickly sweetheart lol!!! Thanks for freely sharing with us all… so so helpful… so many folk need this… you are a very special guy… health and happiness always to you, and all ✌️????

  11. Wow Thank You Michael Sealey – this work of yours is of fantastic service for higher purpose – let me know if there is anything I can do for you in exchange. Your Friend, Cary ONeal

  12. Thank you Michael Sealey for your gift of guidance, of and for the imagination, lending your voice to call forth the very best in inner knowing and being. BlesSings.

  13. Truly amazing, I didnt fall asleep and I was conscious through out and I was for quite sometime toying with the ideas on what is the purpose of my life so with purpose I chose to listen to your guided meditation. What I went through was self limiting beliefs and societal conditioning that controls me and how I felt free in meditation and the message I imagined to have received is You are Powerful and part of the creation. ♥️ I also realize my life purpose too even though it does not make sense to me now as there are lot to study on it. Thanks ?♥️

  14. The first 5 minutes of this video is great. Wish I knew the rest, but it puts me to sleep before I can get that far lol ? thank you for helping me relax in my restless nights

  15. That was exquisite! I will be back again, my dear Higher Self. Thank you! The answer I got is that my purpose is to share my soul to those who yearn the same thing and to those who are ready to receive the stories I’m telling. I am courageously and deliberately exposing my vulnerabilities. I love offensively. I show affection without fear. I am done hiding. As I let love rule me and my own light shine, I am empowering others to do the same. I become part of an endless chain of love and kindness. I am authentic, free from any desire to please. ?

  16. My purpose I think is to be content, happy and satisfied, but also to be remembered in a god light with my legacy carried on to the next generation.

  17. I can’t believe it! My insomnia has been out of control since my mother passed away. I can’t be on time to work at Noon! I had another appointment to follow u the first one but 2 hours earlier than before! OMG! Long story short – you did it AGAIN. Had a GREAT (miraculous) sleep…and I’m (miraculously) awake again! YOU are the BEST! Something TOLD me to click on your vids and I’m so glad and thankful I did. You’re my new teddy bear <3. Thank you so much! I’m awake at 9 am! WOW. God Bless you. You’re amazing

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