In Praise of Age and Biden

Youth is the beautiful springtime of life, full of energy and eagerness. Age in America today is seen as a handicap, full of aches and in need of help. The image of George H Bush skydiving for his 90th birthday is drowned out by ads about elders in need of home care. In that arena, Joe Biden is scrutinized for defects. Those pale in comparison to his value at this moment as a man experienced in governing the US.

Democratic presidential candidate challengers to Trump have a trove of great ideas on how to remedy the damage Trump is inflicting on the country. Those range from Constitutional infractions to human rights abuses and the standing of the US in the world community. Add to that list his abuse of his presidential powers, his assault on the environment and the erosion of public trust due to lies emanating from the American White House. indeed, the democrats have a large menu of urgent issues to address, but none stand a chance if Trump can’t be undone.

Current US President Donald Trump lies openly and claims the deceit is a negotiating tactic. A third of the country buys the Trump side of the double talk. The other two-thirds fumes over how so many can be so gullible. It takes a person who’s been burned a few times to spot the spot the trick and know how to use it.

Circus maven P.T Barnum reputedly said back in the mid-1800’s that there’s a sucker born every minute. He made his mark by exhibiting trumped up freaks and getting the curious to pay for seeing them. America’s current President conducts similar oddities in the form of skirting laws and norms. The American public pays big to let a third of its people admire the legal gymnastics.

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The world’s melting pot and land of opportunity makes room for the vulnerable one-third in its population that buys the Trump twist on American values. The toll, however, is heavy for the two-thirds who care about the American foundation of democracy. All they need is a leader who can show the way based on instinct I informed through experience.

Joe Biden has come under attack for positions taken 10, 20, 30 years ago. He is held to account for comments that ring alarms and for being tone deaf, out of step with today. Actually, it is the perception that is out of touch with reality.

Today’s media world is fast paced. That is the condition that put reality star conman Donald Trump into the Oval Office. His experience told him that he could bluff his way into any situation he wanted. He did just that, even if he had to con his way to that position and use outside sources to get the job done.

Joe Biden, on the other hand, is a person of experience with higher aspirations than enriching himself. He went through the excruciating period in America’s past when racial desegregation was uncertain ideal. He fought for social gains within constraints of the times while Donald Trump was scheming to get the best pf his next mark.

Donald Trump hasn’t changed and neither has Joe Biden. Trump is still ripping off as many Americans as possible. Joe Biden wants to stop him and get American moving again as he did under the progressive era of Barack Obama.

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In his lofty position, Trump has no trouble spewing out incendiary lies to stir his audience. He has a host of schills to help sell the story. Joe Biden has a lifetime of experience in promoting the public good in opposition to those like Trump. He merits a break in the media microscope of today.

Experience lays down a vast infrastructure of information in the brain. Those lay the foundation for spoken expressions in the present. Sn answer to a question may take a moment to process. That is far less than the week of media coverage given to the monster hurricane Damian.

That disaster impacts thousands of lives and communities. The response of US President Donald Trump was to play a “short round of golf.” Considering that the Damian disaster was his excuse for skipping out on an international responsibility, no further words need be processed from thoughts.

Biden doesn’t need a week to process thoughts and produce potent words. He does, however, deserve s few seconds for the process. After all, whether it’s Joe Biden or some other democratic candidate with experience under the belt, the goal is to defeat a man in the Oval Office who doesn’t take even a second to process a thought into words that can sink the whole world..

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by Helen Fogarassy