Johnny Depp Movies Vs Charles Bronson Movies – A Comparison of Two Iconic Hollywood Actors

If you are trying to compare Johnny Depp movies vs Charles Bronson movies, you must look at the film roles they have participated in and the reasons why they chose this film roles to understand each actor as an individual. Both actors have achieved a very large amount of fame through iconic roles. There is a slight difference between each actor’s roles though that may be of interest.

As you look through the many Johnny Depp movies available today, you will find that he generally chooses movies that portray a very intriguing character inside a complex and particularly interesting plot. If you take a look at Charles Bronson’s movies, you will certainly discover that he generally chose roles that had the best chance of creating a smash at the box office. Both of these actors generally chose films that would be considered quite dynamic by most movie critics today though.

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Johnny Depp in particular usually chooses movies that display a character of very unique qualities. He generally only chooses characters that will be interesting to him as he tries to act out their personalities on the screen. He also generally chooses characters that are inspirational to some degree. Johnny Depp is on record saying that he likes to choose movies based on how much he likes the characters rather than the type of results the movies will receive in the box office.

When you go to see a Johnny Depp film, you will likely want to expect to find an incredibly dynamic and unusual character. It is this dynamism and intrigue his characters display that have made Depp an incredible movie star.

Charles Bronson has historically chosen films that were based on gunslingers or tough guys. It was this tough guy attitude that basically followed him throughout his movie career. Most of his roles were based on a tough guy who roamed the streets of the wild west or modern world in order to distribute justice to criminals.

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When you are comparing Johnny Depp movies vs Charles Bronson movies, you will definitely find that each actor portrays characters who are incredibly unique. It is this unique character choice that has made both actors very famous and memorable. Also, when you are watching either one of the actor’s movies, you always know that there is more to the character than what is displayed on the screen. It is this intrigue that leaves common moviegoers always wanting more after seeing their films.


by John Bravis