Why Does Everyone Constantly Cause Chaos Over Religion?

Not long ago, an acquaintance told me that their friend told them that; “the Koran was written to control the populous,” and I kind of snickered because in reality I suppose ALL religions books are written to control the populace. They also said their friend told them that “the Koran also includes principles for creating war with those who do not hold similar beliefs or principles,” and he wondered what I thought about the whole thing.

First, I understand what his friend was talking about, and yet, I think his friend may have missed the point, but that’s easy to do when you are reading something with your mind made up already and are looking for clues to prove yourself right. Now then, one should also realize that the easiest way to build a team is to pick an enemy, at least that’s how it works in human societies. Although it is the easiest way, it’s most likely not the best way.

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And still, an enemy does not have to be a different set of humans, culture, nation, religion, etc. – humans also rally in a common cause to overcome challenges – going to the moon for instance, repairing damages from Floods, Earthquakes, Typhoons, see that point.

You know, in many regards it almost sounds like once you’ve read one religious text, you’ve read them all, and also all cults use similar methods, mass psychology, social re-enforcement, repetition, new vocabulary, and educational indoctrination, etc. You know try this some time. Listen to the Bible (Old and New Testament) on audio tape, but read as a series of stories, then listen to the Greek Mythologies on audio read as a dramatic story. They are nearly identical in the types of genres and lessons, only difference is the Greeks had many gods, hell they had a god for everything, and the Christians only one.

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Now then, I suppose if you take out of context various lessons and stories in the Old Testament, you will find a very over bearing, revengeful, and dictator like god, not the loving kind that most Christians envision. So, to Arabs, the Bible probably wouldn’t go over well either, and there are things in it that would be very telling and contradictory to how Christians see it.

And for full disclosure, I am not a religious person, and actually I think all human religion is nonsense, problematic, controlling, and basically often enough I feel organized religion is rotten to its core, regardless of what religion it is. Anyway, please consider all this.


by Lance Winslow