Tarot Card Meanings – The Hermit and the Lovers

The Hermit and the Lovers are generally seen as two opposing Tarot cards, representing two sides of a story. On one side, the need for introspection and solitude of the Hermit, while on the other you can see a couple united, happy in each other company. The Hermit represents the answers within yourself, while the Lovers points to others as a complement to your own being.

The Hermit

The ninth card of the Tarot offers little in the way of comfort. A solitary figure carrying a lamp and a staff and dressed in humble grey clothing stares at the path ahead, ignoring us. The Hermit doesn’t want to be disturbed, it is busy searching for answers within himself, in solitude. It offers Wisdom and guidance, and tells you that sometimes the only truth we need we can find within ourselves. Unlike the Lovers, the Hermit is a solitary card, whole on its own.

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When it appears on a reading the Hermit often signifies that a time for introspection and solitude has arrived. You are probably plagued by doubts, trying to figure out the meaning of things, the reason why we are all here. By removing all distractions and focusing on its quest, Truth is revealed within yourself. The Hermit often represents the need to retreat and think, away from distractions, but can also signify wise counsel from somebody older and more experienced. It may be suggesting that it’s time to search for a mentor or spiritual guide to help you on your journey, or maybe even become that person yourself to help somebody else.

The Lovers

Many people smile when the Lovers card appears on a reading. The sixth card of the Tarot is a happy one, a couple united and smiling, an angel blessing their bond. While the Lovers often refer to sex and romantic relationships, it can also symbolise the bonds of friendship, or a successful merge of two ideas or groups. However, the Lovers is also a card representing duality and choices, and in some decks it’s even illustrated with a love triangle that reinforces that interpretation.

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The Lovers on a reading can represent the joy of new love and the happiness of a relationship that seems blessed, but also warns against losing our personal beliefs on that union. You may need to inspect your personal beliefs and make a stand to be true to yourself. If the Empress is also present it can be a clear sign of sex and even pregnancy, while the Hierophant may indicate a marriage or serious and socially approved relationship.


by Irene Lizarraga