Learn how to make a program + Computer Tutorials Coming Soon! | Video

Hey guys whats up sorry that I haven’t made a video in a long time but I’ve been really busy. Anyway the download link for visual basic is – http://go.microsoft.com/?linkid=9709929 and if you would like to choose a different language then http://www.microsoft.com/visualstudio/en-us/products/2010-editions/visual-basic-express
Hope these tutorials benifit people and make sure you give me requests!

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Website – http://bluepathdesigns.com



  1. Hey man. Subbed. Please realease cfg menu maker program!
    – i would LOVE for you to make a computer tutorial, on how to make programs , like this. Pleaaase 🙂

  2. Hello mr sp99 i was wondering if you could make a vid on how to convert the code from notepad when your making a mod menu I understand the coding I just dont know how to convert it all.
    P.S and could you leave a list of codes like map names and commands n stuff in the description. THNX
    yours sincerely

  3. could you please send me the patchmaker also i have subbed and i am on your forum i am trying to make a mod menu myself your videos are a huge help

  4. Thanks for the reply and I love all your vids and am happy that you reply to my vids and Im quite new in coding and hope that you can help me out, not totally new but could use your help. Thanks in advance again 😀 ~ DemonKing1332 Add me on ps3 too please DemonKing1332

  5. I also Just created an account on your forum and noticed how hard you have worked on your Website and am impressed. But please send me that Patch creater when you can 🙂

  6. Please Right When you give out that patch maker I would love to test it out and stuff, I love your vids, Started watching back when you told how to code with .FF Viewer, which in my case no longer works and would be glad if you where to comment back at this comment and predict when in your busy schedule when you can release your patch maker. Thanks in advance~ DemonKing1332

  7. can you make a tutorial about how to put the mod menu on mw2 on ps3 because i followed your video about making the mod menu but i dont know how to put it on mw2 so i can use it. please.

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