Networking Tutorials [01] – How To Configure A Networking Switch (Mac, Ubuntu, Windows) | Video

In this video Nayan Seth will demonstrate on how any one can easily configure a networking switch on mac, ubuntu, linux and windows. Through this he/she can do high speed data transfers, chat, etc

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  1. Hi buddy, I like your video. Just a quick question.

    Create a backup of the /etc/network/interfaces file. When it comes to set up the linux machine, what is the difference between your way the the following way? I've noticed you did n't mention eth0 stuff at all. Thanks a lot.
    sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces
    iface eth0 inet static
    For static IP settings, add lines for address, netmask, and gateway. For example:

    iface eth0 inet static




  2. Hi My Name Thin from Vietnam. I like your tutorial very much. Hope you will make more Video, I have been learn a lot from your Video. Thank again.

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