New Age, Is This The Future One World Religion?

This New Age church has over 20 million enthusiastic members in the United States who adore their new age leaders.

These new age leaders or “preachers” do not say that they are servants of, nor the voice of a false God or religion. Notwithstanding they are indeed performing that exact service to their “Gods”. Some new age practitioners may not even know that they believe in or serve a false doctrine or religion. These new age priests and priestesses are deceiving millions into rejecting God’s word and the bible and are embracing, instead, a convoluted theology that is straight from Satan and Hell. It is the same message that Satan used to deceive Adam and Eve into rejecting God at the Garden of Eden; the original sin at the cradle of civilization.

Regrettably, the spiritual message that all new age leaders are preaching in this so called New Age Movement is totally void of God and the Holy bible. New Age concepts are focused on the modern day approach to everything. They preach a feel good message such as: “just treat everyone as you would like to be treated and you are on the path to become like God”. They preach wonderful messages such as: “We are Gods, since God is in us, and god is everywhere”.

To new age cultists there is no such thing as sin, repentance, commandments, servitude, consequences nor hell. Of course to us true Christians, new age is all fantasy designed to release unbelievers from having to depend on or to be accountable to God. They consider in their minds: Why should I be dependent on God, Why not be like God and thus bypass Jesus?

But then when a disaster strikes, these same new age “unbelievers” are the first to cry out “unfair”, and to blame God for these disasters. In their self righteous minds, they still remain perplexed, resentful, angry, and troubled over why there are so many disasters, and crisis in this world, and all around them! They are frustrated and angry that they cannot stop nor prevent these disasters from occurring. They hate feeling totally powerless, helpless and they deeply resent their inability to play God and to prevent all disasters and affliction upon the inhabitants of earth.

This new age baloney thinking is really old age thinking. It all started with the theory of evolution – which “preaches” that we all evolved from a lower form of life; like baboons, guerrillas, tadpoles and monkeys!

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This evolution nonsense fits right into Satan’s ultimate scheme – to deny us from the glorious truth, that we are all created in God’s image, and that we are not evolved from inferior stuff. In Genesis, God told us that we were created in his own image – but NOT THAT WE ARE GOD!!! You see, Lucifer (who once was the most glorious of angels and illuminated God’s throne) was cast out of heaven, and became Satan when he was corrupted in his spirit and decided that he wanted to be greater than God himself! He wanted to be seated above God himself. And this is what all new age believers want; whether they want to admit it or not!

God created us to represent him (not Satan) on this earth. We are not here to live in selfish pleasure in a self serving manner nor to glorify ourselves as new age preachers want us to believe. We are here to serve God during our short span of life on earth. We serve him by representing God, his word and the salvation message during the time that he grants us on this planet! This is all contrary to the new age falsehood, which is that we are in this earth to glorify ourselves, as if we are all individual Gods! Again, it is the same falsehood and delusion that Satan fed to Adam and Eve in the original sin, at the very beginning of civilization.

New age practitioners do not believe in hell nor in a judgement day – since “they are Gods”. Again, this is all the same kind of poison that Satan, disguised as a serpent, fed to Adam and Eve. The forbidden fruit (the deception and the lie) that he fed them, causing them to sin and forever separate themselves from God, is the same false doctrine that the modern day new age believers are embracing today.

The essence of the New Age Movement is pantheism – the pagan belief that God is in everything and therefore everything is God. This belief stands in direct opposition to the biblical teaching that God exists separate and apart from His creation. A corollary of pantheism is the belief that man is God and therefore the key to spiritual enlightenment and salvation is to recognize one’s divinity and release it to achieve Christ-consciousness. It seems like new age embraces any religion as long as it is not bible based or dependent on Jesus.

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Most if not all new age believers, falsely believe that there are many ways to God. To them, Jesus is not the only way, so obviously his death on the cross and the trinity and the bible is not the religion that they truly embrace. they can call themselves Christians if they wish, but they are anti-Jesus, anti-Christians and anti-Christs in practice and in reality.

New age believers all agree that the solution to their destiny is under their full control. In their arrogant mindset, they believe that they are directly responsible for their destiny – not God, nor prayer, nor thy bible. They refuse to be dependent on God. This kind of arrogant pride is why God instructs us to be humble and meek. New age believers do not want to accept how vulnerable we all are to illness and death.

Folks, let’s straighten up and allow the God of the Universe and the holy spirit into our lives so that we can combat all of the falsehoods that the new age cultists want us to believe. let’s fill our minds with the word of God in the Bible and the Holy Spirit now, before it’s too late!

I do not know whether this new age belief system will be the one world religion that ultimately becomes the one world religion, but it is doing a great job in deceiving all who embrace it! The new age movement, just like how Nazi Germany disguised its ultimate evil intentions from most of mankind, just demonstrates how vulnerable we all are to the whims of Satan. There was an old song from the 70’s that tells us that “it is a thin line between love and hate”, and it can surely be said that there is a very thin line between good and evil, and that is why many are vulnerable to false doctrine and will continue to live in and practise deception.

Let us be careful and not embrace every doctrine that comes along, innocent as it may seem.


Source by Robert Rite