Nuclear Power Safety From International Terrorists

Well we see more International Terrorist Threats these days. More videotapes on Al Jazeera TV and more mass media fear induced hysteria. We also see activist groups telling the American People that our Nuclear Power Plants are not safe. That is utter non-sense indeed.

Recently there was an interesting Email Alert from “” Telling everyone on their Email list to email their Republican Congressmen and Senators to tell them to put better protections on our Nuclear Power Plants. Right at a time when we are finally going to build a few new ones and have some permits which have been granted. This one would think is a positive move towards clean air. Yet is pro-clean air, so why do they want to stop Nuclear Power?

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First they complain about air-pollution and then they complain about one of the solutions. Nuclear Power. They complain about new projects at existing power plants and permits to put in clean burning coal systems too. They attack everything, thus they are costing millions of Americans countless dollars in higher energy costs due to the lack of supply caused by their lawsuits.

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Do you really trust that K-Street Law Firm, lobbyist group? Do you really think that they are legitimate? I think something smells really bad around there. What are they up to? We need a full investigation on where they get their monies and which Democratic Senators and Congressmen they are giving it too. Where is the justice department when you really need them? And who are the real terrorists? or OBL in a cave? Think on this in 3006.


by Lance Winslow