Old School Music For Today

Without a doubt, the music industry is changing rapidly, live streaming music, videos, mp3 download capabilities, radio air play, blog publications, podcast and even vinyl is back. Who knows; will cassette tapes and eight track tapes resurface again? The key to all of this is having a sound that moves you. As many recording artist today, sample other artist of yester-year, there are still a few old school originators who still got the funk; groove and music that truly touches the soul. Today's music needs to have a sound that will paint a beautiful picture and set an atmosphere of love, hope, and good times.

Not too many recording artist has what it takes to get a sound from yesterday and to make it today's groove to get you bobbing your head and patting your feet to the beat. Music is something you need to feel that resonates in your soul to move you to want to respond with a smile, a dance, a time to reflect on the good times and even times that were not so good. It is something that frees you up and allows you a time to unwind after a long days work.

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Funky guitar rhythms', followed by electric lead guitar solos, bouncing bass lines, smooth piano melodies, synthesizer keyboards, horny-horn arrangements and drums all contribute to a sound that is danceable. Then when you add modern-day voice-box, also called talk-box, whether done on the keyboard or guitar, as long as what's being said is clear and understandable, along with a good beat; then this type of sound is accepted by most music lovers around the world.

"Let Me Play It" is a demonstration of a former funk master who inspired Varges Thomas and a host of many other musicians' who continues to carry the torch. This is the sound that the late Roger Troutman left with the world. Varges spent numerous hours with one of the world's best musician who shared some of his tricks and tips with producing records. Undoubtedly noticeable, "let me play it" has all the evidence of a student taught well by his mentor.

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As you listen to this old school music with today's sound; the results are remarkable. Take time to unwind, listen to a groove that will move you to the dance floor and have a bounce in your steps. Whether on the dance floor, at home, the clubs, while riding in your car, or any other place you may be; the rhythm and beat of the funk is here to stay.


Source by Clark A. Thomas