Parrot Cichlid Diseases You Should Know

Parrot cichlids are one of the pets you would like to have because of their unique appearance. Their popularity provided an advantage because it helped in identifying parrot cichlid diseases. The numerous pet owners comes front in helping fellow parrot cichlid enthusiasts in this regard.

Cichlid diseases are varied in terms of their effect. Some are easy to cure while others are not. To give you an overview, below is a list of some of the common parrot cichlid diseases.

• Fin Rot- This is characterized by the curling of the parrot cichlid’s fin. It usually causes the irregularity of the fin’s shape. The case of fin rot can also turn the cichlid’s fin to white. The cause of this cichlid disease may be pointed to two things: stagnant water and aggressive behavior. Pet owners who does not have proper filtration and does not regularly change their tank’s water should expect fin rotting among his cichlids. You should also monitor this condition especially if it is caused by too much aggressiveness on the part of the cichlid.

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• Black spot disease- Considered as one of the most common parrot cichlid diseases, the black spot disease is very easy to notice. It manifests as black markings on the cichlid’s body. Once you notice that the black spots are multiplying, there is a need to change the water immediately. Also, check the water condition as it might have too much ammonia or nitrate. However, do not panic if you see small black spots because they are sometimes a sign that your cichlids are ready for breeding. If you have blood parrot cichlids, expect them to have such condition. Scientific research shows that it is a genetic disease of these cichlid species.

• Hole-in-the-head- This is one of the serious parrot cichlid diseases that must be addressed immediately. Don’t go into the mistake of seeing these wounds as the effect of fights. The wounds manifest on the head to the backbone of the cichlids. It slowly erodes the flesh of the fish. When not treated immediately, the fish would eventually be unable to eat. This can also lead to death.

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• Dropsy- Dropsy can be treated only on the onset. This cichlid disease causes the swelling of the abdomen. You’ll know when the disease is severe if the swelling makes the fish look like a cone. Common medication for dropsy is Metronidazole.

• Fish Tuberculosis- This is a dangerous cichlid disease because it can be passed on to other fishes in the tank. It slows the cichlid so much so that the cichlid appears like having an irregular backbone. Experts recommend isolating the fish. Medication includes heavy antibiotics. However, most parrot cichlid owners say that the chances of survival from this disease are always slim.

Pet fishes are also prone to diseases that you would not know. It is important that the responsible cichlid owner in you steps up. Always take the time to monitor your fish and exercise the basics of fish-keeping.


Source by Larry Pearson