Pokémon Generation III ROM Hacking: Tutorial 7: The Basics of Scripting | Video

Hello and welcome to my Pokémon Generation III ROM Hacking tutorial series!

This is the seventh tutorial in the series. In this tutorial, we cover the basics of scripting. This includes creating and inserting one of the simplest scripts possible; making a NPC speak to us.

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Link to PokéCommunity thread: http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=369646

Music: Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire: Contest Hall Lobby
Disclaimer: I do not own Pokémon nor any of its components. All music used in this video belong to their respective owners.
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  1. Great tutorial dude. There's a tutorial I'm looking for, but I can't seem to find… in Pokemon Fire Red/Leaf Green the player doesn't face his/her opponents when approched/challenged. I believe you know to change that, how to make our player behave just like ruby/sapphire/emerald when challenged to battle.

  2. For some reason, when I try to compile the script, it says that there is not resource called VERSION, and then it shows the file location of the saved script. Nothing happens after that. Help?

  3. I need help, everything is going fine except how do I make it so there’s two lines? When I keep going it only stops to the capacity of the box

  4. when i add a script and check it in advance map, the first letter in msgbox(the message i type)dissappears like sorry become orry

    I just had to leave a.space like
    msgbox @a 0x6

    #org @a
    =(Space) hello all.

  5. Because of these tutorials, I'm actually planning on making my own Fire Red hack. Not gonna be a big one, but if I enjoy doing this, I may do more.

  6. When I try to do this the NPC does what it’s supposed to do except I can’t interact with him, it makes the click noise that it should but then nothing happens. (Edit to clarify, I try to talk to him, it makes the click noise but he doesn’t turn to face me or say what I told him to say)

    Second edit, through the power of my own deduction I have figured out the problem.
    I was erasing the $ sign or whatever before the offset in advance map and then adding my offset.
    Do NOT erase the $ sign before the offset.

  7. I put the same text in that you have into xse but when and I got a guy in my town but when I interact with it it opens up a menu like the guy in the mart and then blackscreens.

  8. i know im late and i really hope someone can help me because i always dreamed of making a rom hack, when i interact with the npc nothing happens… Can someone please help

  9. I've replaced the script, exactly the same way you did it, but whenever I talk to the NPC, nothing happens.

    Edit: Nevermind, when you copy and paste the hex code it randomly adds two characters, so when I deleted them it worked.

  10. HELP!
    The NPC I created with your help is there visually and 'phisically', but the problem is that when i try to talk with it my game freezes. i cant do anything exept load the game from a save or completly.


  11. This is a bit of a though question, but… what are you actually doing with this script compiler?

    It looks like you are writing a code in assembly, compile it, then jam it into the rom? and it combines seamlessly with the rest of the script, as long as you edit the values on the maps so the script is actually used?

  12. 6:07 How do you get the list of dynamic offsets to appear? I'm making a static encounter for a Level 70 Mewtwo holding a Starf Berry if that helps in any way, shape, or form.

  13. 4:13 you can just type Ctrl+T to edit the dialogue box and its much easier i don't know if he mentioned that because i didn't finish the video.
    Love the series!

  14. Whenever I talk to the npc it said "Pkmn trainer registered in the pokenav!" Then it crashes. HELP!

    Edit: It actually does something random everytime. Then it crashes.

  15. So whenever I put the script on an npc and whenever I talk to them the script seems to end at lock and they don't say anything and I get stuck, I did exactly what you did in the video. Any tips or help?

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