Hacking Tutorials – 6 – Wireless WPA/WPA2 cracking | Video

In this episode I’ll show you guys how to crack wpa/wpa2 wireless networks using Aircrack-ng and Backtrack inside of Virtual Box .
I’ll go through all the steps and also alittle password cracking segment.

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  1. Everyone I set up with a password from email to wifi, I make them with capitol and lowercase letters and symbols, all are at least 12 to 20 characters longs and this method you try will not work on my wireless router, its easy as a phrase when making secure passwords, my personal wifi is 22 characters long and I can remember it no problem because its a phrase I can remember, I use 3 as an E and ! as a 1 and such, like 7 is a S but anyway I had a Linux guru say he could hack my wifi and 3 days later and over a million packets he failed and I logged on and off several times to let him have a handshake or 20 of them, using a brute force on my password would take a super computer 5000 years to find. Good luck hacking, I am a security nut… my whole neighborhood is locked down… I teach people everyday to take a simple phrase and change the characters and no one has every forgot there password and they thank me all the time…  keeping you out is easy.

  2. Hi. I'm rEboOt. I will teach people hacking, the person will need a skype and/or twitter and one note. reply to this with your skype.

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